May 24, 2013

Oh What A Difference A Year Can Make!!

I know I haven't blogged in a Coons age. I do have very good reasons though...Reason 1. I have three small children. Reason 2. I have three small children and Reason 3. I have three small children. Did I mention, I have Three small children. :) These days I'm doing good if all three children leave the house clothed and Mommy is still sane. Needless to say, the blog has been sitting on the back burner!

I did want to post a quick snippet today. Yesterday, Tyler turned FIVE, and today is his last day of Pre-K. Where has the time gone? He has grown so much in this past year. He is now reading, doing simple addition and can count to 150. Shout out to Miss Fuller!! I have so much respect for his Pre-K teacher. She did a phenomenal job this year...not only in teaching him, but in loving him! Here is our big guy on his First day of Pre-K and his Last day of Pre-K.

                                                                       First Day

                                                                         Last Day
Today is also a very special day because Mr. Carter is officially ONE. He has brought so much joy into our lives this past year. We can't imagine our life without our precious baby "Cars" as Zachy calls him!

                                                 Happy Birthday, Carter!! We love you!!!