November 29, 2011

From the Inside Out

           From the Inside Out God's Looking at me. From the inside out I hope He likes what He sees.
                  From the Outside I might not look so good. But you might change your mind
                                             If only you could. See me from the Inside out.

Does anyone remember that old children's song?? I believe it was off a kids Gaither "tape" back in the day. That song kept playing over and over in my mind when I was looking at these pictures I had taken of the boys today. Tyler was outside playing on the back porch, and Zachy was inside looking out wishing he was out there too.
I felt very convicted over this little tune, and have been asking God to search me and make me pleasing to Him. I pray that from the inside out==He likes what he sees.

November 18, 2011

My Three Baseball Lovin' Blessings

 I never thought I would allow my children to play baseball in the house. Regardless of whether the ball is a hackey sack, baseball is baseball. God blessed me with two little guys that love bats and balls once in awhile Daddy plays a rousing game of baseball indoors. Here is a video clip of that "rousing" game. I get so tickled at Zach standing there with his bat and ball...that's the way you find him wandering the house most of the time. Poor Zachy gets right in the way when Tyler is swinging his bat. Thankfully, he is a tough little guy!

Sorry that video was so long. I'm not techy enough to be able to figure out how to cut it down.

I had quite the conversation with Tyler tonight. I was talking with Jonathan when I heard an excuse me, Mommy...Yes, Tyler. "Last morning, I was lying in bed and I picked my nose." I was very glad to learn that he didn't eat it, but just wiped it on his pants. A little bit later, it looked like Zachy was chewing on something and  I said," I wonder what Zach has in his mouth"? To which Tyler replied, "Maybe its a booger". I laughed quite heartily over that one!

Boogers and Baseball pretty much sum up my life right now. I wouldn't have it any other way, and feel pretty blessed that I have two precious baseball playing, booger picking boys!

November 14, 2011

My Accidental Cooking Marathon

I learned a valuable lesson in the proper closure of freezer doors today. Lesson: All safety measures must be taken to assure a firm closure is reached, which might include a firm push, a solid kick or even a double locking device. Last night, after we got home from church, I got a frozen pizza out of our freezer that resides in the garage.Unfortunately, I  failed to implement one of the above mentioned closure methods. When Hubby came home for lunch today he noticed water leaking from the freezer, and we quickly realized that the freezer door was not fully shut. Thankfully, our freezer was sparse some things had to be thrown out, but we were able to salvage the meat.
Let's see, hubby grilled out meat for lunch. I threw a roast in the crockpot to use for vegetable soup, fried up cubed steak, made spaghetti sauce and put two roasts in the oven. Thankfully none of us are vegetarians since we will be eating like carnivores this week. :)  I am very thankful that the freezer door mishap happened today and not a little in the future. You see today our freezer was sparse, but we just invested in 1/4 a cow that will be mooing its way to our house very soon. Our freezer will once again be stocked, and I think I might just have to buy a double locking device, or I will at least have to implement a sure footed kick to the freezer door.

In other news, I thought I would share a couple Tylerisms. If I don't share them today more than likely I will forget them by tomorrow. My brain just works that way. :) On our trip home from PA, Tyler was mooing in the back seat. Jonathan mentioned that it sounded like there was a cow in the van, to which Tyler replied that he was a boy not a cow. Jonathan said well how can you be mooing if you are a boy...because I'm a "Cowboy". ha.

Another funny occurred when Tyler was using the bathroom the other day. Sorry about the bathroom just comes with the territory of having a toddler. Anywho, Tyler was supposed to be going poopie, and we heard him say," My poopie is not coming out it just wants to stay at home". Jonathan quickly replied that Tyler's poopie needed to go on vacation. haha.

November 13, 2011

Missing Mom

We arrived home early this morning after spending a week in PA. It was nice to see our beloved home again. I'm sure our excitement about being home had nothing to do with the fact that two small boys in our van were very sick of their car seats. :)

 Its so hard to say goodbye....Im incredibly thankful that we have the hope of heaven. Mom's funeral service was so special. I left feeling  incredibly blessed to have known her, and once again inspired to follow in her faithful footsteps. One of the songs that was played at the funeral was a song by the Collingsworth's that says Fear Not Tomorrow, God is already there. This song came to mean a lot to Mom sometime within the last year when she was facing a rough time. I can't imagine all the emotions, feelings and suffering she faced, but what an awesome testimony she left behind. No matter what she faced she fully submitted to God and His will for her life.

 I have thought of so many things I wanted to tell her. Mom, did you notice that Zach is practically running now...or that Tyler has started quoting, "Children obey your parents in the Lord" whenever he gets in trouble....or I meant to get that recipe....and on and on the list goes. Dad Slagenweit said it best when he said if I could just tell people to hug their spouse a little tighter tonight, or in our case your loved ones. As the song says, "We have these moments to hold in our hand.... yesterdays gone and tomorrow may never come, but we have this moment today".

While we miss Mom terribly, I am so thankful that we have a great "Pappy" for our boys!

November 3, 2011

Finally Home

Bonnie Kay Slagenweit arrived safely home this morning. Not to her home on Eighth St Drive, but to her Heavenly home with streets paved of gold.

Mom, thank- you so much for being my "Hero of the Faith" and leaving such a wonderful legacy behind for us to follow. By watching your life, you have inspired me to be a better Wife, Mother, Friend, Christian, and Cook. You loved to fix for your Family! I don't remember a time when we came home and there wasn't a pot of vegetable soup waiting for us on the stove.

I have never met someone who suffered so much, and yet; wouldn't complain. Your faith NEVER wavered during any of your suffering! You definitely have been a Proverbs 31 woman, and your children rise up and call you blessed.

We love you SO much, and oh, how we will miss you! This is not Goodbye though....its just until we meet again.