November 18, 2011

My Three Baseball Lovin' Blessings

 I never thought I would allow my children to play baseball in the house. Regardless of whether the ball is a hackey sack, baseball is baseball. God blessed me with two little guys that love bats and balls once in awhile Daddy plays a rousing game of baseball indoors. Here is a video clip of that "rousing" game. I get so tickled at Zach standing there with his bat and ball...that's the way you find him wandering the house most of the time. Poor Zachy gets right in the way when Tyler is swinging his bat. Thankfully, he is a tough little guy!

Sorry that video was so long. I'm not techy enough to be able to figure out how to cut it down.

I had quite the conversation with Tyler tonight. I was talking with Jonathan when I heard an excuse me, Mommy...Yes, Tyler. "Last morning, I was lying in bed and I picked my nose." I was very glad to learn that he didn't eat it, but just wiped it on his pants. A little bit later, it looked like Zachy was chewing on something and  I said," I wonder what Zach has in his mouth"? To which Tyler replied, "Maybe its a booger". I laughed quite heartily over that one!

Boogers and Baseball pretty much sum up my life right now. I wouldn't have it any other way, and feel pretty blessed that I have two precious baseball playing, booger picking boys!

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