November 13, 2011

Missing Mom

We arrived home early this morning after spending a week in PA. It was nice to see our beloved home again. I'm sure our excitement about being home had nothing to do with the fact that two small boys in our van were very sick of their car seats. :)

 Its so hard to say goodbye....Im incredibly thankful that we have the hope of heaven. Mom's funeral service was so special. I left feeling  incredibly blessed to have known her, and once again inspired to follow in her faithful footsteps. One of the songs that was played at the funeral was a song by the Collingsworth's that says Fear Not Tomorrow, God is already there. This song came to mean a lot to Mom sometime within the last year when she was facing a rough time. I can't imagine all the emotions, feelings and suffering she faced, but what an awesome testimony she left behind. No matter what she faced she fully submitted to God and His will for her life.

 I have thought of so many things I wanted to tell her. Mom, did you notice that Zach is practically running now...or that Tyler has started quoting, "Children obey your parents in the Lord" whenever he gets in trouble....or I meant to get that recipe....and on and on the list goes. Dad Slagenweit said it best when he said if I could just tell people to hug their spouse a little tighter tonight, or in our case your loved ones. As the song says, "We have these moments to hold in our hand.... yesterdays gone and tomorrow may never come, but we have this moment today".

While we miss Mom terribly, I am so thankful that we have a great "Pappy" for our boys!


  1. Tonya, when you mom told me about your Mother-in-law, that has been on my mind all week. Since Jim is under the weather w/ his knee, I had to have the services. My little message was, What if you were to die tomorrow? Not one of us know what tomorrow holds. I've been praying for your family.

  2. ((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry! We have been praying for you and Jay.

    We love you guys!!

  3. Tonya, we miss her so much! I feel the same way! She wasn't "just a Mother in law" so was so much more than that, she was Mom. David has been over everyday to check on Dad. Tomorrow we will be having him over for sunday dinner. Takes your breath away to know she won't be there. What a woman!!!
    April Slagenweit