April 30, 2012

A Day At The Children's Museum

I was extremely excited to be able to take the boy's to the Children's Museum. Its something I've wanted to do for awhile, AND it was on the before baby bucket list. :) We waited to go until after two pm so that we could get in for half price and that way it only ended up costing us $11.50 for the four of us. The boys really enjoyed it, especially the big ship.

 The last picture was taken when we were leaving the museum. Tyler was shedding a few tears because he hated the thoughts of saying goodbye.

This past week was so incredibly busy. Good busy though. We had some really exciting happenings, one of which was a daddy daughter date night at our church. It turned out being so special, and we were glad we were able to be a part of it.

Another exciting happening was Zachy was bestowed a pencil (UNSHARPENED) by his older brother. He proceeded to jab himself in the eye with that beloved pencil thus resulting in a large superficial laceration on his cornea. Thankfully, it has healed quickly and when we took him back to the eye doctor today he said it looks great and there is no scarring. Huge answer to prayer. I'm so glad that the pencil was unsharpened...this situation could have been so much worse!!

Never a dull moment with boys! Right now Tyler is busy playing with his football men. He loves to set them all up in formation and then they kick field goals and all that good stuff. A few minutes ago he explained to me that he was placing some of his men in the furnace. No worries, no furnaces at our house just big imaginations. Let's just say, Tyler loves him a good Bible story. :)

April 17, 2012

My Favorite SONG BIRD!

Tyler loves to sing, and can be heard singing at some point every day at our house. I love to hear him sing about Jesus loving the "wittle" children of the world. I know someday his speech will be crystal clear, and I will miss all of his "words".

The BLUE Smurf Strikes Again

This is what happens when you give a sweets loving small child a ring pop. It was in his Easter basket, and he enjoyed every tiny bit of it...good til the last drop. I think 50% of it remained on his face, hands and jammies, but hey, that's the fun of little people. Let's just say he went straight into the tub after his sugar high had ended.

April 10, 2012

A Doctor's Appointment with Two Munchkins in Tow

I was a crazy brave soul today. I had a Doctor's appointment and an ultrasound scheduled, and I decided to take both boys with me. I say decided a bit loosely since typically my Mom watches the boys for me, but she was unavailable so I put on my big girl boots and trudged to my appointment.

I wheeled Zach in his stroller, and Tyler was instructed to firmly keep his hand on the side of the stroller. I only knocked the poor child's head on the side of a door one time. Good thing I didn't attempt the double stroller today...because we would never have fit through the doorways. It all worked out fine though since he quickly forgot the head knock when he was allowed to push the elevator buttons.

We finally arrived at the office, and I was grateful to see there were only a couple ladies in the waiting room. Whew. We march up to the front desk for me to sign in and Tyler announces, very loudly I might add, "My Mommy has a problem ( I'm standing there knees knocking, thinking Oh dear, what is he going to say) when he finally adds, " she has Carter in her stomach". He said it loud enough that the ladies in the back part of the office also heard and were snickering at his comment. He also had to explain "my problem" to the ultrasound tech.

We had a 15 minute wait to get in for the ultrasound so in the meantime the boys ate their lunch. I had explained to Tyler that he was going to see pictures of Carter today, and he wanted to bring his camera so he could be in on the picture taking fun. ha . The neat thing about the ultrasound tech is number one she is a Christian, and number two she has been there for years so she has done all my boys ultrasounds. She was showing me close up pictures of this little guys face, and he has chubby cheeks all ready. He weighs in at 3 pounds 9 ounces and is in the 55th percentile. ( I guess 50% is the normal range) He is doing great, and she decided that he looks just like his brothers. Cute. :)

We survived the ultrasound. Zach sat in his stroller, and Tyler was impressed because he could hear Carter's heart beating. We were in the ultrasound room for close to 30 minutes and then we had to wait a bit for the Doctor's appointment.

Did I mention this appointment was scheduled during their nap times? By this point we were beyond nap time and the natives were getting restless. Tyler did great until the midwife came in the room, and  he decided he couldn't sit still any longer. He entertained himself by twirling the chairs, digging through the diaper bag etc. Unfortunately, there was only so much I could do while she measured the baby, checked his heart beat, and tried to carry on a conversation. Then he began trying to get my midwife's attention by calling her , Sir. I quickly explained that we are teaching him Sir's and Maam's and he doesn't always get it right. Thankfully she has a good sense of humor and is very understanding. We were in the office for about an hour and fifteen minutes in all, and let's just say it was a memorable experience. Just for the record, both boy's fell asleep on the way home.

Here is a clip of Zach and his NaNa (guitar). We get so tickled at the way he has to tap his one foot while playing all two strings of the guitar. Ignore our lovely singing, and choice of song. :)

April 9, 2012


"The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty." (Quote by Beth Moore)
 On Easter Sunday we hear the words, "He is risen" to which we reply "He is risen indeed". All too often I get too busy and don't take the time to stop and reflect on the power behind those words and all that Jesus has done for me. Easter should be more than a once a year Sunday occurrence, it should be bubbling in our hearts all year long. I'm so thankful that because the tomb is EMPTY my heart can be FULL. He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!

Here are just a few snapshots of our Easter. I hope your day was as special as ours!

                                                                 Zachy cheesing it. :)

      I can't believe this guy is almost four. He is beginning to look so grown up. Farewell toddler, hello big boy. We had a good laugh the other night when out of the blue he says, "I appreciate it, and goodnight". (Andy Griffith fans will get this.) Tyler has never watched  Andy Griffith, but Jonathan and I used to say this phrase quite often.
                                                                      Easter Baskets

Excuse the random photos of people standing around.  Years from now I can look back and remember who graced our home that day. :)

April 6, 2012

Bucket List Before Baby!

Today I was able to mark a Huge (to me) item off my before baby bucket list. I am horrible about taking pictures of the boys, and poor Zach has hardly made it to the "picture radar" compared to his brother. Anywho, I wanted to take pictures of the boys before this new little guy comes along. Today was the perfect day since Hubby was home from work and graciously offered to assist me in my endeavor. I threw some clothes on the boys, grabbed the camera, two of the boy's chairs, and the Hubster and we treacherously entered our back yard for 45 minutes of picture taking frenzy. Kudos to all the photographers out there. Today I was grateful that my life calling is in Nursing and not Picture taking. Jonathan was the photographer and me and my puffy ankled self entertained our two small children. I sang twinkle twinkle little stars, until the boys started twinkling the stars up in the air themselves, I would yell boo flinging my arms into the air until the boys started flinging their animated arms in the air. I danced leaves in Jonathan's hair...you name it I did it. Let's just pray our neighbors weren't home...although their dog was next door barking frequently. I'm sure he just wanted to warn the neighborhood of the crazy lady next door.

Back to that bucket list, I'm soooo super deedupper excited to be able to mark something as completed. I only have 49 things left to go!! (true story) My list includes cleaning and organizing every itty bitty cubby in my house, but its not all work since it also includes date night with the hubby, spending special time with the boys, and washing all those little baby clothes. On a side note, I have loved pulling all those baby clothes out of their bins and just looking at them and reminiscing. Its like spending time with old friends. :)

Here are some of our pictures from today. Be prepared for Tyler and Zach picture overload.

And, I'm off to tackle a few more things on that bucket list....