April 6, 2012

Bucket List Before Baby!

Today I was able to mark a Huge (to me) item off my before baby bucket list. I am horrible about taking pictures of the boys, and poor Zach has hardly made it to the "picture radar" compared to his brother. Anywho, I wanted to take pictures of the boys before this new little guy comes along. Today was the perfect day since Hubby was home from work and graciously offered to assist me in my endeavor. I threw some clothes on the boys, grabbed the camera, two of the boy's chairs, and the Hubster and we treacherously entered our back yard for 45 minutes of picture taking frenzy. Kudos to all the photographers out there. Today I was grateful that my life calling is in Nursing and not Picture taking. Jonathan was the photographer and me and my puffy ankled self entertained our two small children. I sang twinkle twinkle little stars, until the boys started twinkling the stars up in the air themselves, I would yell boo flinging my arms into the air until the boys started flinging their animated arms in the air. I danced leaves in Jonathan's hair...you name it I did it. Let's just pray our neighbors weren't home...although their dog was next door barking frequently. I'm sure he just wanted to warn the neighborhood of the crazy lady next door.

Back to that bucket list, I'm soooo super deedupper excited to be able to mark something as completed. I only have 49 things left to go!! (true story) My list includes cleaning and organizing every itty bitty cubby in my house, but its not all work since it also includes date night with the hubby, spending special time with the boys, and washing all those little baby clothes. On a side note, I have loved pulling all those baby clothes out of their bins and just looking at them and reminiscing. Its like spending time with old friends. :)

Here are some of our pictures from today. Be prepared for Tyler and Zach picture overload.

And, I'm off to tackle a few more things on that bucket list....


  1. LOVE them!! They turned out great!!

  2. Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Such cuties! So excited and delighted for your new coming 'addition' to the family! :)