April 30, 2012

A Day At The Children's Museum

I was extremely excited to be able to take the boy's to the Children's Museum. Its something I've wanted to do for awhile, AND it was on the before baby bucket list. :) We waited to go until after two pm so that we could get in for half price and that way it only ended up costing us $11.50 for the four of us. The boys really enjoyed it, especially the big ship.

 The last picture was taken when we were leaving the museum. Tyler was shedding a few tears because he hated the thoughts of saying goodbye.

This past week was so incredibly busy. Good busy though. We had some really exciting happenings, one of which was a daddy daughter date night at our church. It turned out being so special, and we were glad we were able to be a part of it.

Another exciting happening was Zachy was bestowed a pencil (UNSHARPENED) by his older brother. He proceeded to jab himself in the eye with that beloved pencil thus resulting in a large superficial laceration on his cornea. Thankfully, it has healed quickly and when we took him back to the eye doctor today he said it looks great and there is no scarring. Huge answer to prayer. I'm so glad that the pencil was unsharpened...this situation could have been so much worse!!

Never a dull moment with boys! Right now Tyler is busy playing with his football men. He loves to set them all up in formation and then they kick field goals and all that good stuff. A few minutes ago he explained to me that he was placing some of his men in the furnace. No worries, no furnaces at our house just big imaginations. Let's just say, Tyler loves him a good Bible story. :)

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  1. Janelle ParsonsMay 7, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Neat! I often write about the Children's Museum events in the Chamber newsletter, but I've never been there! Glad to see it really is a fun place:)