May 2, 2012


The boy's have finally perfected their shea scrub for hair. We recommend it not only for Men, Women and Children, but also small furry pets as well. Actually, they don't even have to be furry as we have already used this product on quite a few ants and possibly a few lizards. I've heard the lizards say that it makes their "skin shedding/molting" season so much easier. We are so incredibly excited about this new product that will soon be on the market....that is, as soon as I get it washed out of my precious boy's hair and bottled up. ha.

Tyler found a bucket and our water faucet, always a bad combination,  and decided to turn our sandbox into a large mud puddle. Mommy didn't catch the small child until after the deed had been done. They had the best time, and yes, that is a ton of sand in Zach's hair. I had to practically get a crane to lift him out of there with his wet shoes, diaper, clothing and 50 pounds of sand laden hair. Oh the memories! And yes, they are both wearing their jammies. They went outside right after breakfast to play for a bit before bath time. The little bit turned into two hours of fun.

Needless to say, they had to be hosed off outside before they even entered the house for their baths. Zach's hair was then given two separate scrubs and I still found some sand behind his ear when I was getting him dressed. Oh, I forgot to mention, that is the best part of our shea stays in the skin pores and comes popping out at later dates. I might enjoy this special scrub for weeks to exciting!

Anyone who feels their skin or hair needs an extra special something...feel free to stop by our home and we will have the boy's share their special shea scrub. Zach even taste tested it, and he says its FDA approved. :)


  1. Too cute! I know they had a blast! I'm sure you had a blast cleaning up after them!!:)

  2. David and I are laughing so hard at this! I am glad you can see it as a memory to have forever! It sure is a good one!! I am sure Little sweet and innocent Kaylynn will NEVER do something like that!! Bahahahaha! Yea right! She is gonna be the biggest ham and ornery....I can tell already! She'll be running right in with all the boy cousins!
    April Slagenweit