May 29, 2012

Baby of Mine

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  A. A Milne

We are loving having this little guy as a part of our family. He is soooo precious. He has by far been the easiest baby of the three.  Maybe that has something to do with Mommy being the most relaxed this time around. ;)
While all three of my guys are down for their naps I wanted to do a quick update not only so that I can remember all the details, but for Pappy Slagenweit since he is all the way in PA.
We were discharged from the hospital yesterday.( Unfortunately, we had to stay an extra day since Carter's bilirubin level was too high.) So Sunday Carter spent the day chilling under the "UFO" bili light. Thankfully Sunday evening and Monday Morning his bilirubin levels were perfect...better than the Doctor's expected actually. Needless to say, we were beyond excited to wave goodbye to the hospital and hello to home sweet home.
Here the little fellow is in his "going" home outfit. The fun fact is that all three of the boys have worn this same outfit to "go" home in... since I'm a sentimental gal it's extra special to me. Another fun fact is Tyler was born May 23,2008 and Carter May 24, 2012. Both boys had a "due date" of June 11th. We were discharged from the hospital with both boys on Memorial Day. I don't know either June 11th isn't a good date for us, or both boys just wanted to celebrate Memorial day with us. :)

        Definitely not loving his car seat. Thankfully once he got in the van he slept all the way home.
The boys rushed out into the garage as soon as we got home so they could see their brother. They are loving, loving, loving having him home. They also love to "help" with the baby. They decided the baby was hungry not long after we had been home and so Zachy went to the cupboard and supplied crackers for the baby and Tyler supplied a sippy of juice.  Thanks to Zachy, Carter has been on one official joy ride in his bassinet.  Hopefully, that was the last joy ride as the boys have both been instructed they can only look in the bassinet not touch it.

       First at home bath --thanks Mammaw. Thankfully Mammaw is staying with us for the next couple nights, and then coming back to help during the days. Blessings on her!

                                                Enough pictures already, Mommy!
 And, just for an update on Zachy, he has started saying new words every day. Today his new words so far have been: popcorn, birds, lemon. Jonathan and I got so tickled a couple weeks ago when Zach asked for a "bite of salad". He might not be able to say bye bye, but he asks for a bite of salad. Silly boy.


  1. Love the picures...sooo precious! And I know that you are all enjoying little Carter very much!

  2. Sweet, sweet! Congratulations, Tonya!

  3. So glad you made it home and everyone is doing well. Miss you all and hope to come down soon and see the little one. Aunt Linda (Winna)

  4. Congratulations!!! He is one beautiful little boy.

    Interesting to read your fun fact about due dates as our #2 and #3 both had the same due date also, January 29th, exactly two years apart. Kaitlyn made her arrival instead on Jan. 2nd (much to my GREAT surprise as I had nothing ready) then two years later Ethan made it until Jan. 27th before he arrived. None of our four kids made it to their due date - I guess some of our kids are just too eager to join their families and can't wait to meet us, huh? '-)

    Looking forward to meeting the newest addition soon!

    Mary Ellen

  5. So happy for you all, Tonya! Kristyn was the only one of ours that made it to her due date and she was born ON her due date. :) All babies are so unique.

    You have a beautiful family and you are one beautiful momma!!!

    Love you much!!