July 27, 2011

Bon Voyage....

You heard him right we are headed to Avaska ( Alaska) on a cruise. We would not be going on this cruise if it weren't for my parents.  They made it possible by bestowing our next 10 years of Christmas gifts on us in the form of a cruise:). Thanks Mom and Dad~ love ya. Hopefully, you won't regret your decision to spend ten whole days with us. Did you say you wanted to spend every moment on board the ship with the boys, oh, and you even want them to sleep in your room at night?  How thoughtful. ha! 

I had great intentions of getting Zachy's one year B-day pictures up, but I just didn't have the time. So...you will have to wait a bit longer:)

July 26, 2011

Zachy's First Haircut & the Itty Bittiest Birthday Party Peek!

It seemed quite fitting to have Zachy's first haircut on his first birthday. The child does not have an overabundance of hair, which he gets honestly from his 28 year old - I'm going to shave my head because I'm almost bald- Father, but snip snip away we went. Daddy did the haircut honors, and I was amazed at how much hair he cut off. Where had it been hiding?? I grabbed those little tendrils, slapped them in his baby book with some tape, waalah, done. Who knows, maybe we could superglue some of that hair on poor Daddy's head. Ha!
Excuse the random warblings in the video, but at least you get to see how well the little guy did for his first haircut! Since the night is waning and my bed is calling....wait, I think it just yelled to me... I am just going to leave you with a picture from Zachy's first Bday party! Stay tuned, I will hopefully post the rest tomorrow.
Happy First Birthday, Zach! We love having you as a part of our family! I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

Party Throwing Yard Sale Finds!

This past Saturday found me back in the saddle again hitting the yard sales. You know you are a yard sale addict when you miss a week because of being away, and you actually mourn the loss of a yard sale day. Mourn might be a bit strong....but my mind kept thinking about all the goodies I perhaps missed:) So, I missed a week--but this week I made up for it. I found all kinds of great items, but I just wanted to share a couple significant ones with you. I am linking up with yardsalemommy .

Before I went yard sale-ing on Saturday, I specifically asked God to bless my day and make it profitable. I didn't fully realize until I arrived home that God had answered my prayer. My little guy turns one today, and I had already bought sock monkey napkins and plates for a little party tonight. I had decided against buying any extras for decorating because it was too pricey. Although I had thought that having sock monkey dolls to set around would be a neat idea. Here is a picture of the napkins.
The first yard sale I went to I found not one but THREE sock monkey dolls. Not only did God give me sock monkeys, but he gave me multicolored sock monkey's that perfectly matched the plates and napkins. The best part is I only paid approximately 50 cents a piece for these.

At another yard sale, I found these adorable banana "bowls" that are perfect for putting the candy, etc  in for the party. I paid approximately $2 for all four.

 I love the fact that God cares even about the small things in our lives. He truly does delight in giving good gift's to His children.

Happy 1st Birthday, Zachy!!

July 25, 2011

I SURVIVED my first Sewing Project--& My Friend Mommy

I did it. I sewed a pair of shorts that my child can actually wear. This project would never have been completed without the assistance of my Mom. Shout out to Ruby! Sewing is not what I expected ---at all! I honestly thought you just sized up a piece of fabric then a snip, snip here and a stitch, stitch there and you were finished. Nope. It takes time and effort!!

The most difficult part for me was the foot pedal. Crazy, right? I either would be zip, zipping along or going at a snails pace. I just couldn't get it right. The snails pace was definitely a better fit for me. When I was zooming I couldn't keep the fabric lined up...and there were a few errors that my dear Mumsy had to fix. I really do think that I just might take a sewing class someday. Who knows, maybe I will become a Joann Fabrics Rewards Customer, or better yet their star pupil.
Here is the finished product...

The white shirt I got at Walmart for three dollars and some change. I would have preferred a pocketless white shirt, but I didn't want to spend $7-$8 dollars for one. You can call me cheap. I've got broad shoulders, I can take it:)

I love this monkey applique!

Now I just have to get busy making little brother's shorts....

Tyler loves to talk to his cousin, Katie, on the phone. We get so tickled at him because he says her name constantly. Katie, this is my friend Cocoa, but she bites. Katie, this is the fire and it has worms. Katie, I am running. Katie, do you see my Daddy's shoes. Katie, I just ate soup. Katie, I went to VBS.  And, my absolute favorite his introductions of us to Katie. Katie, this is my Friend Mommy. Katie, this is my Friend Daddy. He said it as if it was a part of our name. Ha!

Today at lunch, I overheard Tyler talking to Zach encouraging him along as he was eating. (Not that Zachy needs any encouraging:) He was saying take a bite Zachy, good job...okay, time for another bite and so on. Too funny!

July 24, 2011

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce~ Cuz That's What Tiggers Do Best!

We had VBS this week at our church. As a climax to the end of VBS we had Fun Day on Saturday with hotdogs, hamburgers, bounce houses, and HEAT. It was incredibly hot so we didn't last long! Tyler loved it!!

July 20, 2011

A visit to Grandma, Pappy and A BRAND NEW NIECE!!

We were so happy that we were able to go spend the week-end with Dad and Mom Slagenweit! An extra perk: we got to meet little Miss Kaylynn, our NIECE! I repeat a GIRL! On the Slagenweit side we have been blessed with 7 boys, nary a girl in the bunch! Great job David and April!! She is beautiful! After meeting, Kaylynn, Jonathan is sold on the fact that we need a girl. Maybe someday....
Without further ado, Miss Kaylynn.

The boys loved being outside! The weather was absolutely perfect. One of the best parts of being home: fresh veggies. I was coveting their garden as I was walking around it, and contemplating what all I could stuff into my van. ha.( just kidding, well about the stuffing it into my van part anyway) I might just have to start my own little Floridian garden patch out back. Considering my green black thumb, how long do you think my garden would last?

Thanks for a wonderful time, Dad and Mom! You are the best!

Zachy had a very rough trip home. Between teething and being sick of his car seat~ not a good combo. The only time he was quiet was when he was sleeping or eating. Let's just say, he ate A LOT. My kind of kid.


Youth Camp, CCYC, was in toasty North Carolina. The great thing about the youth camp is that it is run by our old College buddies. They do an incredible job, and our youth loved it! Mommy survived it. :) Let's just say that trying to keep a 3 year old and an almost one year old quiet in services both morning and evening is near impossible, at least for this clan. We bowed out on a few services.... We did attempt to stay up late for the talent show/ skits. MISTAKE. Tyler is like the energizer bunny he keeps going and going and going....he actually was going on fast forward, or so it seemed. He was more hyper as time marched on. We didn't quite make it all the way through the skits before I called it quits. It was really late though. The little guys did okay... considering.  I did a horrible job taking pictures....so I'm stealing borrowing most of these. Thanks, Mary Ellen:)
Zach attempting to help Mommy squish everything down so I could zip the suitcase. :) I always pack above and beyond the call of duty~ you have to have all the just in case items, you know!

                                        Sleeping in the van on the way up! Blessed quietness....

                           Our College Buddies with their little guy, Cole. Wish they lived closer!

                                                                         Activity time!

A shower cap is quite becoming on my main man, but the icing and M&M's, not so much:) These pictures crack me up! He loves every minute of it!

          Part of the kitchen staff! Three of these ladies are from our church and came along to help out!!

                                                           The Skits & Talent Show!

I loved his sign...will work for date:) Classic!

                                The Banquet theme was military. These three were dressed to the T.

As you can see, by the pictures a great time was had by all. Already looking forward to next year... Do you think a four year old and two year old will sit still better? ha.

I wanted to give an update on Jack. God is working a miracle in his little life. He is continuing to progress, and is now talking, has taken a few steps, and hopefully will be able to have his feeding tube removed soon. He is still in a lot of pain, and continues to need prayer. So thankful that we serve a God who not only hears, but answers our prayers.