July 25, 2011

I SURVIVED my first Sewing Project--& My Friend Mommy

I did it. I sewed a pair of shorts that my child can actually wear. This project would never have been completed without the assistance of my Mom. Shout out to Ruby! Sewing is not what I expected ---at all! I honestly thought you just sized up a piece of fabric then a snip, snip here and a stitch, stitch there and you were finished. Nope. It takes time and effort!!

The most difficult part for me was the foot pedal. Crazy, right? I either would be zip, zipping along or going at a snails pace. I just couldn't get it right. The snails pace was definitely a better fit for me. When I was zooming I couldn't keep the fabric lined up...and there were a few errors that my dear Mumsy had to fix. I really do think that I just might take a sewing class someday. Who knows, maybe I will become a Joann Fabrics Rewards Customer, or better yet their star pupil.
Here is the finished product...

The white shirt I got at Walmart for three dollars and some change. I would have preferred a pocketless white shirt, but I didn't want to spend $7-$8 dollars for one. You can call me cheap. I've got broad shoulders, I can take it:)

I love this monkey applique!

Now I just have to get busy making little brother's shorts....

Tyler loves to talk to his cousin, Katie, on the phone. We get so tickled at him because he says her name constantly. Katie, this is my friend Cocoa, but she bites. Katie, this is the fire and it has worms. Katie, I am running. Katie, do you see my Daddy's shoes. Katie, I just ate soup. Katie, I went to VBS.  And, my absolute favorite his introductions of us to Katie. Katie, this is my Friend Mommy. Katie, this is my Friend Daddy. He said it as if it was a part of our name. Ha!

Today at lunch, I overheard Tyler talking to Zach encouraging him along as he was eating. (Not that Zachy needs any encouraging:) He was saying take a bite Zachy, good job...okay, time for another bite and so on. Too funny!

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