July 2, 2011

Read Your Bible, PRAY every day, PRAY every day, PRAY every day....

I love bedtime with Tyler. He gets a book, Bible Story and prayer time, with Daddy typically doing the honors. I  feed our small little man and put him to bed in the mean time...but I get the joy of over hearing their stories and prayer. Tyler likes to pray for his toys, typically trains, but recently he has been asking to pray for Jack, a little boy in our church who was seriously injured this week. I love the fact that he is learning at such a young age that God loves to hear us pray, and we can come to him with anything! I had to smile tonight when I heard Jonathan praying for strawberries and maps...like I said we can come to Him with anything:)
Speaking of bedtime, Tyler is the KING of stalling! Tonight he came out saying I want a hug....okay, he was given a hug and sent back to bed. A little later, he comes out saying he needs a squeeze. I guess a squeeze and a hug are two different things.  ha! He goes back in his room comes right back out to go potty AGAIN. Okay, one last potty break.  He then mentions that there was a storm last night, and we needed to talk to Zachy about it! Daddy told him Zachy was sleeping, and where was he supposed to be~ "In my bed". Goodnight, Tyler.

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