July 11, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho Its off to Youth Camp We Go....With a crick in my back, and my coffee in my lap. Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

We are on an adventure. The boys first time to go to CCYC (Carolina Christian Youth Camp) , or CCIE as Tyler calls it. We left at 430 this morning. I repeat 430. Which means my little guys were up way to early. Zachy went back to sleep , but Tyler decided he would bless us with his presence. I thought I was home free when I got Tyler out of his bed and he rested his head on my shoulder. Nope. As soon as I rounded the corner of the van he lifted his head and said ,in a sleepy voice, "Huh". Thus proceeded the next six hours of wakedness ( not to be confused with nakedness) for Tyler.

We have two youth passengers with us, bless their hearts. Tyler has been trying to convince them to go to chickfila with him. ha! He also tried to convince the "kids" that they wanted to watch Mickey Mouse. Now that we have traveled along for awhile he has learned that the "kids" names are Katie and Wintey (whitney).
I will hopefully update later with pictures....if I can figure it out.

Please continue praying for Jack. Today is a critical day for Jack!

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