May 29, 2012

Baby of Mine

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  A. A Milne

We are loving having this little guy as a part of our family. He is soooo precious. He has by far been the easiest baby of the three.  Maybe that has something to do with Mommy being the most relaxed this time around. ;)
While all three of my guys are down for their naps I wanted to do a quick update not only so that I can remember all the details, but for Pappy Slagenweit since he is all the way in PA.
We were discharged from the hospital yesterday.( Unfortunately, we had to stay an extra day since Carter's bilirubin level was too high.) So Sunday Carter spent the day chilling under the "UFO" bili light. Thankfully Sunday evening and Monday Morning his bilirubin levels were perfect...better than the Doctor's expected actually. Needless to say, we were beyond excited to wave goodbye to the hospital and hello to home sweet home.
Here the little fellow is in his "going" home outfit. The fun fact is that all three of the boys have worn this same outfit to "go" home in... since I'm a sentimental gal it's extra special to me. Another fun fact is Tyler was born May 23,2008 and Carter May 24, 2012. Both boys had a "due date" of June 11th. We were discharged from the hospital with both boys on Memorial Day. I don't know either June 11th isn't a good date for us, or both boys just wanted to celebrate Memorial day with us. :)

        Definitely not loving his car seat. Thankfully once he got in the van he slept all the way home.
The boys rushed out into the garage as soon as we got home so they could see their brother. They are loving, loving, loving having him home. They also love to "help" with the baby. They decided the baby was hungry not long after we had been home and so Zachy went to the cupboard and supplied crackers for the baby and Tyler supplied a sippy of juice.  Thanks to Zachy, Carter has been on one official joy ride in his bassinet.  Hopefully, that was the last joy ride as the boys have both been instructed they can only look in the bassinet not touch it.

       First at home bath --thanks Mammaw. Thankfully Mammaw is staying with us for the next couple nights, and then coming back to help during the days. Blessings on her!

                                                Enough pictures already, Mommy!
 And, just for an update on Zachy, he has started saying new words every day. Today his new words so far have been: popcorn, birds, lemon. Jonathan and I got so tickled a couple weeks ago when Zach asked for a "bite of salad". He might not be able to say bye bye, but he asks for a bite of salad. Silly boy.

May 26, 2012

A Family of Five

Hey's me, Jonathan (aka The Hubster)  I am pirating my wife's blog, seeing as that she's not exactly up and about.  I'm also trying to prove that I am not blogging illiterate.

Carter Jackson arrived via C-section at 5:23 pm on Thursday 5/24/12. He weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces, and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Here are some pictures of our newest little Slagenweit. 
This was taken probably 30 minutes after he was born.

The boys meeting their little brother.  Unfortunately, you can hardly see Tyler.

Zachy with his little brother.

Bring it on...I can do this! Zachy couldn't wait to hold his brother.

See, I told you so!  This big brother stuff is easy...thanks Mamma for helping steady him for the photo shoot.

Tyler and his new little brother.

Carter Jackson Slagenweit

Sweet little thing!

I had to share this cute little video from the day.

Well, now that I'm an accomplished to find sponsors so I can make money at this!

May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Four years ago today we were blessed to welcome a precious little boy into our home. Its hard to believe that four years have already passed! We love you so much, Tyler! Happy Birthday!

For memory sake, the highlight of Tyler turning four is 1.) Cake and/or cupcakes and 2.) He can now correct Zachy just like Daddy. Zachy you had better be on your best behavior. ha.

A small journey down memory lane....


May 11, 2012

Missing Mom

This week has been difficult at the Slagenweit household. We are missing Mom. Its been six months since she passed away, and this week being Mother's Day brings lots of special memories of her. Jonathan has said time and time again, "I just wish I could pick up the phone and call her".

I finished up a digital photo book of Tyler from 2011/2012 since he turns four in less than  two weeks. It was so hard to realize that this is the last book that I had the privilege of having pictures of the boys with Mom. Our next little bundle arrives four weeks from Monday, and it breaks my heart to know that we won't be able to call and give her the exciting news. This side of heaven she will not get to meet the little guy.

While times like these are tough, and we miss her so much. I'm so grateful that she left us such a wonderful legacy! Jonathan said the other day that he hated the fact that the boys would not really remember her, and that we would have to tell them everything about her. Her wonderful cooking, her hospitality, her sweet spirit, her love for her family, and most importantly her unwavering faith in God--regardless of what she faced. Even though we wish our boys would be able to remember all of these things about their Grandma. We are so blessed that we have such wonderful memories to share with them about her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thank- you, for the Faithful Footsteps you left behind for us to Follow. We love you!

May 7, 2012

Pearly Whites and A Seriously Displaced Placenta

Tyler is so dedicated to his strict dental regime that he sacrificed a portion of his nap time today to keep his teeth pearly white. Yes folks, he was busily flossing all those little pearlies instead of napping. He is also a big fan of Daddy's cologne, which he only gets to wear on Sundays. And, he likes for me to put mousse in his hair on Sunday's too, but specifically boy mousse not girl mousse.

Recently, my Mother has been referring to me as Puff because my legs and ankles are more often filled with fluid than not these days. Tyler was pointing to my legs this morning and asking me what we called them. I was stumped. Until finally he said, "Oh, that's right, Puff".( I had no idea my almost four year old knew my Mom's term of endearment for me.) He then wanted to know why my legs looked puffy, and I explained because Carter was in my tummy ,etc. He thought about it a little bit, and then the light dawned in his little face, and he said, "Oh, and Carter slides down into your legs. It made perfect sense to him. I love the rationality of little people.

Just for the record, five weeks from today we will officially be a FAMILY OF FIVE. Seems a bit surreal.

May 4, 2012

Prayer Time With Zachy

A couple Tylerism's from today. Tyler has a toothbrush that lights up so he knows exactly how long he needs to brush his teeth. After he finished brushing his teeth this morning he came to me and said, "Mommy, I'm all done with my brush ran out of gas." :) Then later in the day he had to use the bathroom and I hear him loudly saying, "Mommy, come wipe me". I told him I would be there in a minute, and a little bit later I hear him saying to himself, "I don't have time to sit here and wait". :)

May 2, 2012


The boy's have finally perfected their shea scrub for hair. We recommend it not only for Men, Women and Children, but also small furry pets as well. Actually, they don't even have to be furry as we have already used this product on quite a few ants and possibly a few lizards. I've heard the lizards say that it makes their "skin shedding/molting" season so much easier. We are so incredibly excited about this new product that will soon be on the market....that is, as soon as I get it washed out of my precious boy's hair and bottled up. ha.

Tyler found a bucket and our water faucet, always a bad combination,  and decided to turn our sandbox into a large mud puddle. Mommy didn't catch the small child until after the deed had been done. They had the best time, and yes, that is a ton of sand in Zach's hair. I had to practically get a crane to lift him out of there with his wet shoes, diaper, clothing and 50 pounds of sand laden hair. Oh the memories! And yes, they are both wearing their jammies. They went outside right after breakfast to play for a bit before bath time. The little bit turned into two hours of fun.

Needless to say, they had to be hosed off outside before they even entered the house for their baths. Zach's hair was then given two separate scrubs and I still found some sand behind his ear when I was getting him dressed. Oh, I forgot to mention, that is the best part of our shea stays in the skin pores and comes popping out at later dates. I might enjoy this special scrub for weeks to exciting!

Anyone who feels their skin or hair needs an extra special something...feel free to stop by our home and we will have the boy's share their special shea scrub. Zach even taste tested it, and he says its FDA approved. :)