December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours! May you take time this Christmas to remember the Reason for the Season!

We will be enjoying our Christmas with our little family for round two this week. All the boys Christmas presents were wrapped and placed under the tree Saturday afternoon... by Sunday evening that had all changed. We were keeping a very close eye on our youngest for fear  he would get into the presents. Our eagle eyes should have been trained on our oldest who decided to unwrap the gifts while Mommy and Daddy got ready for church Sunday night.  Daddy and Mommy had to laugh at first because we both have Christmas present opening or shaking stories in our past. Round two wrapping will not begin until approximately 10 minutes before presents will be opened this Friday night. :) ha.

December 10, 2011

I Just Had To Chuckle...

Tonight I was working on redoing my sad little Christmas wreath. I had my trusty supplies of scissors and a pair of wire cutters by my side along with my trusty side kick, Tyler. He kept wanting to assist with the wire cutting, and I had to keep reminding him to put the wire cutters down. One time I happened to look over at him and caught him looking lovingly at those wire cutters, and he said, "They are beautiful". A sure sign I have a boy in the house. ha. Skip the wreath, ribbon, and all those goodies, but those wire cutters just stopped him in his tracks. Ha. I guess a few years ( approximately 35) down the road if a girl wants to get his attention she should try wearing a few wire cutters in her hair. :)
This little guy has decided to place himself on Christmas tree demolition duty 24/7. I'm not sure how many unsuspecting ornaments have lost their lives, and the ribbon will never be the same. I am daily, make that hourly, or even minutely (okay, so now I'm exaggerating) trying to assist the poor decorations on the tree. Its a hopeless cause, but I'm looking on the bright side....let's see, if he continues breaking all my ornaments I might just have to buy new ornaments. Maybe Mommy will join Demolition Zachary in a redecorating the Christmas tree scheme. ha.

December 3, 2011


We are happy to announce that a new addition will be joining our family in June 2012. :) Excuse the above picture, Hubby is Jesus in our Christmas program hence the beard, and well, I have no excuses its just a very unflattering picture.

Tyler is strongly requesting a sister. Everytime we ask whether he would like a brother or a sister. It is always a sister, and heaven forbid we mention a brother. ha. When we asked Tyler what he would name a sister his reply was "Daddy". Ha ha. We might need to work on his naming skills.
Here is little "beans" first ultrasound picture.

Just for fun, this is how I found Tyler when he was supposed to be napping today.