December 10, 2011

I Just Had To Chuckle...

Tonight I was working on redoing my sad little Christmas wreath. I had my trusty supplies of scissors and a pair of wire cutters by my side along with my trusty side kick, Tyler. He kept wanting to assist with the wire cutting, and I had to keep reminding him to put the wire cutters down. One time I happened to look over at him and caught him looking lovingly at those wire cutters, and he said, "They are beautiful". A sure sign I have a boy in the house. ha. Skip the wreath, ribbon, and all those goodies, but those wire cutters just stopped him in his tracks. Ha. I guess a few years ( approximately 35) down the road if a girl wants to get his attention she should try wearing a few wire cutters in her hair. :)
This little guy has decided to place himself on Christmas tree demolition duty 24/7. I'm not sure how many unsuspecting ornaments have lost their lives, and the ribbon will never be the same. I am daily, make that hourly, or even minutely (okay, so now I'm exaggerating) trying to assist the poor decorations on the tree. Its a hopeless cause, but I'm looking on the bright side....let's see, if he continues breaking all my ornaments I might just have to buy new ornaments. Maybe Mommy will join Demolition Zachary in a redecorating the Christmas tree scheme. ha.

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