January 31, 2012

Little Man Zach

I thought I would share a few recent pictures of Zachary. I found a picture of him from Christmas rocking away on his rocking horse, and I love it! Unfortunately, the climber now likes to move the rocking horse closer to the back of the couch so he can stand up on the back of his horse and peer over at us. Joy.  Being the mother of two, soon to be three boys, I have learned to remain calm unless I see blood and lots of it! Boys will be boys...so they say.
Yesterday, Zach had his 18 month check-up. He measures right on schedule with his height, weight, etc, which is wonderful news. The only concern the Doctor had was his lack of "speech". I do believe he has the second child syndrome, and although his "speech" is almost nonexistent he always gets his point across. He is the King of Grunts and Eh's and chooses to jab his chubby fingers to whatever he wants. I am not the least bit worried. Each child is unique and I'm sure he will learn to talk when he is good and ready. Although, today he did say Da Da go. Woohoo. Just for memory sake, the Doctor was amazed that one of the words he says is cracker. Considering cracker is two syllables and tougher to say than a lot of other words. What can I say, he is a child after my own heart...his first words deal with food. Did I mention he also says cookie? 

Typically, every day after Zach's bath I put him in his crib for a bit to look at books. That way Mommy can get a few things done without worrying about little hands undoing everything. Today I peeked in his room to check on him, and here is what I found. I could eat him up! :)
 I checked on him a little bit later, and he was fast asleep. This never happens while he is looking at books,  but I'm thinking those 18 month shots played a part in this.
I do wish I could slow the hands of time down. My little guys are growing up way too fast!

January 26, 2012

A Snippet from Family Devotions

I just had to laugh tonight when during family devotions Jonathan asked Tyler, "What Did God Do in the Beginning?". Tyler's response, "Well, He just stood around and looked at footprints." That's a whole new take to God creating the heavens and the earth. :)

Another Tylerism for the day. Tyler told my Mom and I quote, "When Daddy gets big like ME, he is going to have a bad day". ha. Someday I might have Zachism's to share, but at this point he is pretty happy just to point at what he wants and grunt. Although he has learned how to say cracker and cookie quite well...hmm.

January 24, 2012

Busch Wildlife Center

Back in December, when Dad Slagenweit was here for a visit, we went to the Busch Wildlife Center. All of the animals are Florida wildlife that have been rescued. The best part of this "mini zoo" is that it is F-R-E-E. :) This was our third time to go, and Tyler has loved it every time.
 The guys were intently checking out the snakes. No thanks. I moved on very swiftly for fear those snakes would be reappearing in my dreams or should I say nightmares.

 My very favorite animal of the day was this albino raccoon. It looked like a big ball of fluff with a tiny face thrown in there some where.

It was a very fun day! We were so glad that Dad could be here to make some special memories with us!

In completely unrelated news, we are 95% sure of what we are naming the soon to be little guy. We are still struggling with the middle name. With both of our boys we have passed on our father's names for their middle names. Tyler Mark (after Jonathan's Dad) and Zachary Thomas (after my Dad). :) We are trying to decide if the middle name will be Bailey ( my Maiden name) or Jack or Jackson after my Grandpa. Decisions, Decisions. :)

January 18, 2012


I have a lot to catch up on....but in the meantime I thought I'd share this little video of Tyler praying for one of our meals. I don't want to forget the way he squeezes his eyes shut or how he says Ward for Lord. I love my little fellows to pieces, and don't want to forget these special times with them! Ignore the fact that he is not wearing a shirt. We had lasagna that night, and I believe in being pro-active with my damage control. Its much easier to wipe him down then to try to get stains out of his shirt.

One last update, Team Blue has gained another member, or I should say will be gaining another member in June.  :) My husband is a huge Penn State fan, and so their motto "GO BLUE" is a reality in our lives. We love our boys! Who knows, maybe someday team pink will have a chance...with our grandchildren. haha