January 24, 2012

Busch Wildlife Center

Back in December, when Dad Slagenweit was here for a visit, we went to the Busch Wildlife Center. All of the animals are Florida wildlife that have been rescued. The best part of this "mini zoo" is that it is F-R-E-E. :) This was our third time to go, and Tyler has loved it every time.
 The guys were intently checking out the snakes. No thanks. I moved on very swiftly for fear those snakes would be reappearing in my dreams or should I say nightmares.

 My very favorite animal of the day was this albino raccoon. It looked like a big ball of fluff with a tiny face thrown in there some where.

It was a very fun day! We were so glad that Dad could be here to make some special memories with us!

In completely unrelated news, we are 95% sure of what we are naming the soon to be little guy. We are still struggling with the middle name. With both of our boys we have passed on our father's names for their middle names. Tyler Mark (after Jonathan's Dad) and Zachary Thomas (after my Dad). :) We are trying to decide if the middle name will be Bailey ( my Maiden name) or Jack or Jackson after my Grandpa. Decisions, Decisions. :)


  1. Another little boy? What handsome men you will have in your family!! Look out girls!!

    1. Yep. Another little boy! Life will never be boring at our house! :) We were thinking of you with fond memories Saturday when we kept saying, "I just tease you". :) Love you and Miss you!

  2. We went to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Dec for the first time. The girls loved it. Frank was busy taking a picture of the alligator and I was talking to a friend when we both looked up and Emma had scaled (almost) to the top of the crocodile cage. Frank grabbed her quickly but it was truly heart stopping! I'm pretty sure on future trips, she will be wearing a harness or sitting in a stroller. :)I really enjoy reading your blog.