July 18, 2011


Kelly's Korner is having a link-up for "how you shared your pregnancy news". So for fun and preservation sake I thought I would join in. For our firstborn,Tyler, I made up a quirky little poem:     We have something we'd like to share; so listen up if you dare. This next June will bring much excitement and joy; we're just not sure if it will be a girl or a boy.  
We found out we were pregnant with Zach on our way home to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. We got to see those two gleaming lines on the pregnancy test at a Super Eight or some such swanky hotel:) We were so excited to be able to tell all of Jonathan's family face to face instead of over the phone.
The joy of finding out you are pregnant is only ever surpassed when they place that little bundle in your arms. Sorry this post is short with nary a picture. I am posting on my phone, which is being stubborn and not cooperating:)

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