July 26, 2011

Party Throwing Yard Sale Finds!

This past Saturday found me back in the saddle again hitting the yard sales. You know you are a yard sale addict when you miss a week because of being away, and you actually mourn the loss of a yard sale day. Mourn might be a bit strong....but my mind kept thinking about all the goodies I perhaps missed:) So, I missed a week--but this week I made up for it. I found all kinds of great items, but I just wanted to share a couple significant ones with you. I am linking up with yardsalemommy .

Before I went yard sale-ing on Saturday, I specifically asked God to bless my day and make it profitable. I didn't fully realize until I arrived home that God had answered my prayer. My little guy turns one today, and I had already bought sock monkey napkins and plates for a little party tonight. I had decided against buying any extras for decorating because it was too pricey. Although I had thought that having sock monkey dolls to set around would be a neat idea. Here is a picture of the napkins.
The first yard sale I went to I found not one but THREE sock monkey dolls. Not only did God give me sock monkeys, but he gave me multicolored sock monkey's that perfectly matched the plates and napkins. The best part is I only paid approximately 50 cents a piece for these.

At another yard sale, I found these adorable banana "bowls" that are perfect for putting the candy, etc  in for the party. I paid approximately $2 for all four.

 I love the fact that God cares even about the small things in our lives. He truly does delight in giving good gift's to His children.

Happy 1st Birthday, Zachy!!


  1. Very cute! And Happy 1st Birthday Zachy!

  2. Soooo cute!!! Don't we serve an amazing God? I'm so happy for you.

    Happy Birthday, Little Man!

  3. Wow! That is incredible! Those sock monkeys are stinking cute! Love the banana bowls! Yay, for His blessings. :)

  4. Wow! That put such a smile on my face. God is so good! Would love to see pictures of that party!