July 5, 2011

Pregnancy Should Equal A Twenty Pound Deductible!

I was sitting here tonight thinking about pregnancy and weight gain. I remember women telling me, when I was young, and my metabolism was still functioning , you just wait until you have babies its hard to get the weight off afterwards. I would smile politely, thinking to myself, good excuse, Honey. ( Just kidding. I never really thought that!) How right they were!! I decided that it would be great if the Doctor's would start suctioning off twenty pounds after the child has been born. Or maybe, that twenty pounds should just magically disappear. Let's think this through: suctioning might be painful, and by that point anesthesia might have worn off....yeah, I vote for it just disappearing. That seems fair to me. We carry these little bundles around for 9 months, and then go through the whole birthing process...it would be our own little gift. God, you forgot to give me my gift....I could use it about now. And, since my little gift is a year late I could use time and a half, if You don't mind. Wishful thinking!

On a different note, Tyler told me we needed to hide tonight. Who are we hiding from?? The eyeball. He has a huge imagination! Maybe we should have hidden from the nose instead:)

We have already established that small fry is an eater. My question is: can you overfeed a baby? I know they usually stop when they are full, but sometimes I wonder about him. Maybe he is just going through a growth spurt! That little fellow loves to eat!

Lastly, I wanted to show you the fashionista of the family. My Mom prides herself on her dogs, okay, so she might mention once in awhile that she wishes they would run out in the road and get killed, or choke on their dog food, or swallow a fur ball...but she really does love them as evidenced below. My Dad gave Cocoa a bath this past week-end, and she had an issue with the hair falling in her eyes so Mom secured it back in  a pony tail.

Started working on the crafty sewing project today. Sewing is GREEK to me! Stay tuned for pictures...


  1. Hey, Tonya,

    Congrats! You've won 'Indelible' from A Nest in the Rocks. If you email me with your mailing address, I'll get it right out to you!


  2. I so enjoyed all the pictures. Looks like you had a great weekend.

    I am dying with curiosity....all this talk of pregnancy and weight gain......((??)) :D

    By the way, congratulations on the win as posted above. Woohoo!!!

    I'm going to update our blog soon. We're gone and won't be home until the 18th - eek - but I hope to update soon, so you can stop over. :)

    Love you bunches!!!

  3. I put your book in the mail today. You should receive it soon! Happy reading!