July 9, 2011

The Small BOY and the Arrowroot COOKIE

Zachy had a small quandry, he couldn't remember where he placed his most precious cookie?? 
And then with a little snicker, he quickly remembers that he, OF COURSE, placed it on his head. A very respectable spot for a cookie, so I've heard.
I got so tickled when I looked over and saw Zachy's half eaten cookie sitting on his head. Too bad I didn't have the same gift for sticking half eaten cookies on my head, and forgetting about them. For some reason, they disappear too quickly...hm, wonder where they went. Maybe that's why I always have to help myself to a second one. ha!

I have an idea. Duct tape can be used for anything, right? I think I might just duct tape my whole body and roll around the house picking up all the little toys. I'm sure it would be great exercise, and while I'm at it I might as well stick a mop on my head. I would definitely be killing three birds with one stone. Well, I'd kill at least one bird~me. Maybe the better solution would be getting rid of all of his toys, and letting him play with two sticks. Of course, my luck, he would end up rubbing them together and setting the house on fire. Honey, where did you put the duct tape?

PLEASE, keep praying for Jack Budensiek. He continues to be in an induced coma until Monday, and we will know more at that time! Pray not only for Jack, but his Daddy, Mommy and extended family!

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  1. you are hilarious tonya! I just giggle and giggle every time i am on your blog. thanks :D