July 4, 2011

Fourth of July FESTIVITIES!

For the sheer fun of it, and for memory sake I decided to do"a day in the life" for our fourth of July. I got the idea from another blog, and thought it would be a neat way to capture our full day. Warning this is going to be long~ hold on, and fasten your seat belts!

Our morning started with high calories and coffee bliss. We rarely go out to breakfast as a family, but I found a lovely little coupon for Buy One Get One Free Frappes at McDonald's. I have a  great fondness for their Caramel Frappes.....so off we went.

We also decided to transition Zachy to a big boy car seat today. He is over 20 pounds, and will be one in three weeks. Close enough. (The FL rules are 20 pounds; 1 year) Here he is sitting quite proud! He would make the perfect Kentucky boy: Barefoot and Toothless. ha!

After we got home, Tyler went outside to play in his sand box while Mommy and Daddy worked around the house. This was his first time to experience a sand box, and he loved it. I found this turtle sandbox at a yard sale for $5.00, the sand cost $7.00~ that seems wrong doesn't it? Next time I'm in need of sand, I'm going to skulk down to the beach and "borrow" some beach sand.  Just kidding.
Next up on the schedule: FOURTH OF JULY COOKOUT! Which in essence, equals: food, fun, friends and family.

Zachy got his first taste of corn on the cob. He wasn't too sure about whether he liked it or not, but he loved the potato salad, mac and cheese, and baked beans.

 The guests....

The Guest of Honor: Uncle Sam. So kind of him to join us!
More Sandbox fun... Tyler got a bath right before company came and right after they left today! He loved every minute of spending time with his best buddies. (Aunt Jenness included:) I just want to mention what a kind hearted hostess I am, not to toot my own horn, but I allowed each of these little girls to take approximately a gallon of sand home with them. Does it matter that it was all located in their hair? Linda, when did you want to come over and visit us again? ha!

Check out her adorable cow"girl" boots.
After company left, and Tyler was bathed again he got to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. Until today, never in Tyler's existence has he missed a single nap-some may have been abbreviated, but never missed!  Lets just put it this way,never again in Tyler's existence will he miss a nap...at least until he heads to college.
While Tyler watched Thomas,  Mommy headed to the Clinic to clean with her cohort in crime.

The Cohort:

On a sidenote: NOTICE the dead plant at the clinic. Just for the record, I am innocent on this one. For once!
I came home from cleaning to find this.

Hubby revamping the light switches. His motto: Putty and paint make a carpenter what he ain't!
The "BAT" man strikes again. Did I mention he also loves to put large hats on his head??

Our night was rounded off by Mom and Dad coming over for leftovers. Papa playing trains with Tyler and Zachy. Zachy is best known for his demolition skills.

This video is for Jason~ enjoy!
Sorry, for the length of the post and all the pictures! This is for my feeble mind to look back on someday and remember how we spent our Fourth of July!  Happy Fourth of JULY!!


  1. To funny!! Again, LOVE the blog!!
    Miss you guys!

  2. You do know that you're supposed to keep babies turned around backwards until the age of 2, right?

  3. Maybe the rules and regulations are different from state to state? In Florida, the law is they can be turned around at 1 year--20 pounds:)

  4. I am aware of the Florida laws. I lived there for 23 years and just moved away recently. I am not trying to tell you how to seat your child, I'm just letting you know there are new recommendations, while not a law (yet), that suggest children stay facing backwards until 2. Many studies have found that there is a greater risk for children who face forward to have their necks broken in an accident. I just want your little boy safe.

    I have a baby that turned 1 on June 30th and because of the new safety recommendations, he still faces backwards, even though he's very tall (33in) and weighs over the 20 pound limit. His seat will turn around when he's 2 and becomes a booster seat, so it's not any extra money for a new car seat.



  5. Thanks for the information! No, I had never heard this. I reviewed some material online related to waiting until they are 2. Thanks again!