November 14, 2011

My Accidental Cooking Marathon

I learned a valuable lesson in the proper closure of freezer doors today. Lesson: All safety measures must be taken to assure a firm closure is reached, which might include a firm push, a solid kick or even a double locking device. Last night, after we got home from church, I got a frozen pizza out of our freezer that resides in the garage.Unfortunately, I  failed to implement one of the above mentioned closure methods. When Hubby came home for lunch today he noticed water leaking from the freezer, and we quickly realized that the freezer door was not fully shut. Thankfully, our freezer was sparse some things had to be thrown out, but we were able to salvage the meat.
Let's see, hubby grilled out meat for lunch. I threw a roast in the crockpot to use for vegetable soup, fried up cubed steak, made spaghetti sauce and put two roasts in the oven. Thankfully none of us are vegetarians since we will be eating like carnivores this week. :)  I am very thankful that the freezer door mishap happened today and not a little in the future. You see today our freezer was sparse, but we just invested in 1/4 a cow that will be mooing its way to our house very soon. Our freezer will once again be stocked, and I think I might just have to buy a double locking device, or I will at least have to implement a sure footed kick to the freezer door.

In other news, I thought I would share a couple Tylerisms. If I don't share them today more than likely I will forget them by tomorrow. My brain just works that way. :) On our trip home from PA, Tyler was mooing in the back seat. Jonathan mentioned that it sounded like there was a cow in the van, to which Tyler replied that he was a boy not a cow. Jonathan said well how can you be mooing if you are a boy...because I'm a "Cowboy". ha.

Another funny occurred when Tyler was using the bathroom the other day. Sorry about the bathroom just comes with the territory of having a toddler. Anywho, Tyler was supposed to be going poopie, and we heard him say," My poopie is not coming out it just wants to stay at home". Jonathan quickly replied that Tyler's poopie needed to go on vacation. haha.

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