September 29, 2012

Garage Sale Goodies AND A Precious Prayer

I thought I would start with a few random pictures of the boys.

 This picture just makes me chuckle. They both look like little old men. Tyler's pants and Zachy's hat.
 This was the day that Zachy decided to skip a few steps in the bathing process. The main step being removing his clothing before entering the bathtub. I'm sure he was just trying to save me from washing one more article of clothing. ahem. I'm sure that was it. :)

I went garage saling today, and found a few fun things. My favorite being my large framed chalkboard. LOVE it!

My beloved chalkboard is going to take up residence in Carter's room above his crib. For now, that is.  Once his little self can stand and erase said chalkboard it will be removed. My other garage sale goodies I will share below. I paid a grand total of $17.00 for these items. The 3 baby Gap onesies, sandals, and wet wipes case were brand spanking new. (Pay particular attention to the scooter and mower)
For memory sake, I wanted to write down Tyler's prayer tonight:

"Thank-you Lord for my scooter, and thank-you for Zachy's lawn mower. I love you Jesus. And, I love you too, God. And, I love all the people. Amen."

I love the fact that he is really beginning to pray his " own prayers" to God. We chose a song for Carter's dedication that completely sums up our feelings as parents. The GREATEST gift we can give our children is a life lived for Jesus. What an awesome responsibility! More than anything I want to pass this on to my boys!

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