March 13, 2012

Nap Time Saga...

This is Zachy conched conked sleeping soundly during nap time today. I think he must have been practicing the wedding march before he fell asleep... all though, his veil is a bit high on his forehead. ha. And yes, Zachy still takes his pacy. Shame on Mommy. I have less than 3 months to break him of his pacy loving ways before hopefully another pacy loving baby enters our lives.  Then we have the other side of the coin....
This is Tyler with half of his toy box unloaded on his bed during "nap" time. Even though it pains me greatly to say this, I believe his days of napping are coming to an end. I'm a firm believer in quiet times though, so he's not off the hook. :) Just think, twenty years from now, he will be wishing, begging, pleading for those nap times again.


  1. They are getting so big. Adorable babies!
    Aunt Dixie

  2. Kids are so funny!

    I meant to comment on the last post and didn't, but one of ours had the elbow thing, too. It would just pop out of socket for every little thing. Even picking her up would throw it out, if we picked her up by her hands/arms and not by her rib cage. :) Anyway, the first time we took her to the ER because she wasn't moving it and they put it back in place. From then on, we just did it ourselves. It's not fun, but it was immediate relief for her. But thankfully, she has grown out of it and is fine now. :)

    You are a great mommy! I enjoy your blog!! :)

  3. Quiet Time = mommy regaining some sanity time. Now that Allan and Daniel are reading it's even become very enjoyable for them :o0 Win-win!!!!