March 2, 2012

When Daddy Does The Laundry....

Just kidding. Daddy doesn't do laundry at our house...but Daddy did remove this teeny tiny shirt from a teddy bear and placed it on our son. It looks like an outfit a football jock would wear.

If Zach isn't wearing a hat then you can just about guarantee he is wearing sunglasses. Upside down, at that...and yes, while eating lunch.
 And, if he is wearing a hat he might just want to check himself out in the mirror. I catch him in our sink quite often... precious little child. Earlier this week I caught him sitting in the sink letting the water run over his sandal clad feet. I'm sure my little angel was just trying to clean his dusty little toes off. He is a quick little minute he is playing with his toys...the next minute he has scurried away to mischief. Blessed Quietness is not a blessing in my send pure terror to my frail heart...just knowing that quietness means that Zachy is into something AGAIN. :)
And, of course, a hat is also a necessity for bedtime attire too. I bought Zach and Tyler's Easter basket "gifts" today. Bet you can't guess what Zach is getting?? Bing. Bing. A HAT. His very first hat of his own...the others he wears are technically his brothers.

Not to leave Tyler out, I thought I would share a few Tylerisms from our day. He saw some cows in a field today, and wanted us to look at the cows, "They are from Houston, Texas". Ha. Must be pretty special cows. When he saw Jonathan this evening, he said, "What's going up, Dude."  And, my favorite from the day was when he saw Zach in his lovely football style/ tiny teddy bear shirt he said, "He's so cute I could puke". :)

One last thing, we have been "decorating" for spring a little bit this week. I believe in refurbishing my other words, I robbed a little something from every  room in the house to redecorate my hutch. I took a couple pictures just for the fun of it. I'm not crazy about some I still need to do a bit of tweaking, but I love the change. This is about as spring has sprung as we get here at the Slagenweit's. Hubby was a bit concerned about why I had decided to put our one Easter decoration " The Bunny" out. I had to remind him that Easter was right around the corner...well, sort of. Let's just hope "Bunny" survives this spring season...he has Zachy to contend with this year.

 This last picture is my favorite. Tyler was "helping" me decorate, and he was incredibly proud of his bead creation.

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  1. Nice, Tyler. I'm seeing a great future for your decorating skills.

    You're using that window/mirror/whatever thing for a tray?? Look at you, getting all creative. Love it.