August 17, 2012


We were blessed to be able to go on a small family vacation last week. Tyler called it our adventure and Zachy called it our frip (trip). We went to Naples, which is approximately 3 hours away, and had an absolutely wonderful time.

We visited the Naples Zoo. It was incredibly hot, but we still enjoyed the giraffes, monkeys, lions, zebras, sloths, vultures,etc. Yes, I did say vultures. We went to a special presentation and learned that vultures are practically disease proof. That's why they can eat a variety of "goodies" without keeling over. Another little vulture fact, do you know why vultures have bald heads? After they finish eating their "goodies" they just have to bury their heads in the sand to scrub it clean, no shampoo needed. I wonder if that's why I keep catching Jonathan with his head buried in the boy's sand box...he's busy cleaning his balding head. :) I personally love the zoo its a great time for me to reflect on what an incredible God we serve. He created each animal with a purpose in mind, and made them each beautiful and unique in their own way.

We also went to a restored train station/depot. The boys were in heaven. They were able to ride on a mini train, walk through old train cars that had been restored, and enjoy a small train "village".

We also went down to the Naples pier/ beach. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera with us to Naples. So all of our pictures are from our phones. I really wish that our beach pictures could have been taken with our "true blue" camera. On the bright side, at least we have pictures to document the occasion.

We attended both Sunday Services in Naples, and it was neat to see how different churches worship. The morning service we went to a very large church. We found out that it was the church Chuck Colson attended before he passed away.  Tyler took it upon himself to inform one of the ladies that he and Zach were twins. If that's the case, I had one of the longest labors in history. It lasted approximately 26 months  in between birthing each child. :) Sunday evening was a completely different story. We knew the church would be smaller and thought there would approximately be fifty people in attendance.  We pulled into the parking lot, and there were 2 cars. I repeat 2 cars. We walked in the church, and more than doubled the congregation. There were four of them and five of us. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a small church, and loved chatting with the "fill" in Pastor and his wife.  They assured us that the Pastor would have loved to have met us, but he was in rehabilitation after a hospital stay. He just so happens to be 83 years old. I would have loved to have met him.

We made some very special memories on our FRIP. Looking forward to the next time Hubby, myself, Carter and the TWINS take another ADVENTURE.

DISCLAIMER: No feelings were hurt in the writing of this post. In other words, my husband is not sensitive about the fact that he might be just slightly balding. His dream is to shave his head in the near future. This is one dream that I hope takes him years to fulfill. Although, I may be one of the main reasons his head is scantily clad with hair. Six years being married to the likes of me, yep, I'd say I've killed a few of his hair buds.

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  1. I love this post! Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation and memories made! I still remember the Miami Zoo my parents took us to at Tyler and Zachs' age! Those kinds of things stick with a kid ;) Thanks for the disclaimer. Made me chuckle! And just as an fyi - pretty sure Jay was losing his hair even before was probably from babysitting me and Janette! haha sorry Jay...