August 16, 2012

Tyler's First Day of School!

First Day of School poem ::Author: Unknown/// He started school this morning, And he seemed so very small. As I walked there beside him In the pre-Kindergarten hall. And as he took his place beside the others in the class, I realized how all too soon Those first few years can pass. Remembering, I saw him as He first learned how to walk. The words that we alone made out When he began to talk. This little boy so much absorbed In learning how to write. It seems as though he must have grown To boyhood overnight. My eyes were blurred but hastily I brushed the tears away Lest by some word or sign of mine I mar his first big day. Oh how I longed to stay with him And keep him by the hand To lead him through the places That he couldn’t understand. And something closely kin to fear Was mingled with my pride. I knew he would no longer be A baby by my side. But he must have his chance to live, To work his problems out, The privilege to grow and learn What life is all about. And I must share my little boy With friends and work and play; He’s not a baby anymore – He’s in pre- Kindergarten today.//// If you hadn't already guessed, Tyler started Pre-K this week. He loves it! He is very proud of the fact that he now knows how to sit criss cross applesauce. His favorite part of the day would probably be snack time. He can't wait to find out what has been packed in his lunch box..its like buried treasure to him. When asked what he had learned today, he said, " Lots of stuff".//// I have to admit, I cried. When I saw him slip his backpack on I felt a lump form in the back of my throat, and it was all down hill from there. Earlier this summer, Tyler and I were talking about baby Carter (or as Zachy says Baby Cars) and I told Tyler that I had three babies: Tyler, Zachy and Carter. Tyler was very offended that I called him a baby, and quickly informed me that he wasn't a baby anymore. They grow up way too fast!//// Much to my chagrin, Tyler has been a bit obsessed with burping lately. At first we just made sure he said excuse me, but then it become a lovely past time. Jonathan explained to him that if he absolutely had to burp then he could do it under his breath. Tyler was very confused, and kept saying how do I hold my breath and burp at the same time. I instructed Tyler that he is absolutely not allowed to burp at school because it is rude. A little while later he looked at me and said,"Mommy, I can't go to school because I can't burp." Boys will be boys. For the record, he has happily been attending school without burping.//// Excuse the fact that this whole post is in one large paragraph the new blogger format is giving me fits. I ended up using the backslash lines to help differentiate paragraphs. GRRR, blogger.


  1. WOW! How nifty and sad at the same time.

  2. Beautiful poem! He is just so adorable! An no worries about the burping...I'm sure Mother Hen Payton will set him straight in no time should he decide to give it a go at school. :-). What a hoot these 4-year-olds are!!!!