August 18, 2012


Today I went yard saling with my Mom, and my three munchkins. Mom and I took turns sitting in the van with the boys while the other checked out all the goods. At one such yard sale it was Mom's turn to go first, when I spotted a bit of smocked merchandise out of the corner of my glassy eyes. I quickly shoved her back in her van seat with a firm don't even think about moving and I did a swift high diving jump (not sure how you dive and jump at the same time, but hey, it sounds dramatic) out of the van on to the golden driveway. I did a special kung foo move to knock all the other garage sale-ees out of my path, grabbed all the loot, and paid the garage sale-ess. I then ran, or in my case, waddled my way back to the van so we could rush to our next unsuspecting yard sale. The End.

Okay, so I stretched the truth a bit. Okay, a lot. Really the only truth is that I found some great smocked clothes for the boys. In all honesty, we all know that if I tried any kind of kung foo move I would not be writing this blog right now. No, I would most definitely be sequestered away in the hospital writhing in pain.

Back to my clothing finds. I took pictures of everything so I could share my joy with you. I also found an adorable Janie and Jack sweater with matching scarf and gloves. Its 12-18 months, but I'm hoping I can squeeze Zachy in it this fall. Sweaters run big, right? If you see Zach walking around with a sweater that the sleeves barely reach his elbows... you will know it was my yard sale find. Oh well, if it doesn't work for him, Carter will be wearing it next fall come rain or shine.
I am including pictures of the shirts and jammies I bought at the yard sale. That way you can get the full impact of everything I bought at this sale.

Now on to all the good stuff. The first outfit is reversible so I took pictures of both sides.

Are you ready to know the grand total for all of these items? Twenty bucks. I was expecting a lot higher price when I took my stack of items to the "garage sale-ess". I was so excited. Its not every day you find smocked clothing at yard sales.

Well, I had better go get some sleep. I need to make sure I'm rested up for next weeks yard sale adventure. Who knows, I might have to break out my tae kwon do skills.  Sigh. Yard saling is such hard work.

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