February 20, 2012

Days Spent In The Great Outdoors...

My guys love playing outside. Zach is devastated when its time to come inside, and wails at the top of his wee lungs. Its funny because I had forgotten that Tyler had the same reaction every time we brought him inside when he was Zach's age.
Zach has now graduated to the big boy swing. I'm not sure how safe this is, but he is a dare devil and was ready to give it a try. Tyler loves every aspect of playing outside...especially the sand box the day we accidentally left the lid off and it rained. Yep. Good times. Tyler told me a couple weeks ago that Daddy mowed the back yard just for him to get rid of all the sticky burs. :)

Just a boy and his tractor....

Time for baths. Notice their rosy cheeks, especially Zachy's, that is just from running around and being hot it has nothing to do with a sunburn. Also did you notice Zach's hat, that boy loves him some hats. This past week I had to pry it from his head at bedtime on two separate nights much to his chagrin and screeching.

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