February 10, 2012

Fridays With Tyler

One of my favorite things about the jolly age of three is seeing things through the eyes of a child...or better yet hearing things. Tyler has been on a roll this past week with some of his comments. Yesterday, he told me  if I behaved he would take me to Taco Bell and get me cheesy roll-ups. He loves Taco Bell. :)

My Mom watched the boys this past Thursday, and he informed her that when she grows up like him, HE was going to babysit her.

My favorite comment of the week was again directed at my Mom. He walked over to her and told her, "God made you special, Mama...and He is going to give you a baby!" haha. Mom quickly informed him she didn't need to have babies since she had all of her grandbabies.

Tyler is very excited about meeting his baby brother. Earlier this week, he wished his baby brother was here so he could take him to church and say, "Hi" to him. :) He asks me almost daily if the baby is here yet, and then tells me all the things he will teach his baby brother. So sweet.

I thought I would leave you with a video clip of Tyler singing a "special" song Daddy taught him. It goes like this "Under my bed is a petrified ( but Tyler says, sackopied) pizza, under my bed its begging for air". That's about the extent of the song, and you just sing it over and over again. :)


  1. How well I remember this one, "Under my bed theres a petrified pizza
    Under my bed ants are begging for air
    Under my bed high adventure will greet ya
    Theres no telling what’s dwelling down there"You would have had to have seen Jonathan's room to know what he's talking about....asking him about the "pet" rabbit!

    1. I've heard about the special "pet" rabbit. Thanks for supplying the words, Jonathan could only remember the first part of it. Now, he will have to teach Tyler the rest....:)

  2. When our second son, Kevin, was a little boy he had a cassette with the song lyrics, "under my bed there's a petrified pizza..." which you quoted. While looking for the author of this song I stumbled on your post. Do you remember the author or publisher of this song?

    1. Any luck finding that author yet?

  3. I continue searching for the title adn author of this song. Does anyone know?

    1. I have this song on a cassette, labelled:
      Smell socks & Salamander Stew
      published in 1993 by Crystal Sea Recordings.
      It is the second song on side 1; the title of the song is "Under My Bed."

      I found so little about this song and a few others on the cassette that have pooped into my head recently, I actually went digging for the cassette itself!