February 14, 2012

To My Valentine!

On this Valentine's day I feel incredibly blessed to be married to my sweetheart, Jonathan Rae Slagenweit. We met in 1999, and married in March of 2006. ( I'll spare you all the logistics of our dating:)  What I admire the most about Jonathan is his love for God, and I don't say that lightly. Everything in his life centers around his love for Christ, and his life is a living day by day example to me of what it means to be a true follower of God.

Not only is he a wonderful man of God, but he is an awesome Daddy to our boys. He loves spending time with them, and is very present in their lives. Tyler is constantly saying, "When I get to be a big man like Daddy...". To me that says a lot, you know how the saying goes ...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Jonathan lost one of his biggest cheerleaders this past November, his Momma. Its been a tough few months, and the reality that he will never see her again this side of heaven has made the past few weeks even a greater struggle.  His Mom has had such a lasting impact on him not only through her life, but also in her death. Thank-you Mom for raising up such a wonderful man that I am privileged to call my husband.

I love the fact that I also get to call this fellow my best friend. He is always there for me with a listening ear, or a ready laugh...or a," maybe you need to go out tonight...why don't you call Jenness" if he thinks I need a break from my munchkins. And, he can make me laugh; belly laugh.Today I had a Doctor's appointment approximately 30-45 minutes away from home. No biggie, right? I am a terrible driver, and directionally challenged so its always a biggie for me to attempt this particular appointment since I get all turned around. Anywho, I called him on the way home, and had to get off the phone because I wasn't sure I was going the right way. Before I hung up he pipes up and says, " Well, if your not home by dark, I'll come looking for you". ha. Ever the knight in shining armor.
I'll end by saying this: "I love you little, I love you lots. My love for you will fill ten pots, 15 buckets, 16 cans, two teapots, and four dishpans". Happy Valentines Day, Jay Rae.

Sorry, I didn't mean to prattle on for so long. I happened upon a disk today that had all of our engagement, and some dating pictures on it. It was fun to look back, and I'm amazed at how much we have changed in 7 or 8 years.

If I had any marriage advice, it would be this "Train him up in the way, he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it". I couldn't resist. I found the picture below, and that's the little verse that kept going through my head. hahha. TOTALLY TEASING.


  1. You guys are adorable! Love the pictures, too.

  2. Beautiful tribute, Tonya! Hehee I well remember those dating days;) (So glad it worked out!;) I love you guys! As individuals, as my family, as a couple I can look up to. Thanks for being there for me:)

  3. Enjoyed your pictures and your post!

    Mary Ellen