February 6, 2012

Happy Monday!

Welcome to a normal day at our house! :) The boys love hats and sunglasses, and Tyler particularly loves his winter woolie jammies. So, we have spring jammies on the left, and middle of winter jammies on the right. It makes me hot just to look at Tyler. ha. Since Tyler is so grown up now he gets to pick out his own jammies at night. I have been telling him he can get any jammies out BUT his Christmas jammies. :)

I thought I would share some of my Yard Sale finds from this Saturday. In my estimation, it was YARD SALE DAY OF THE YEAR . I've been in a yard saling slump recently not finding many deals, but still going because I can't miss my Saturday morning sweet tea from Mickey D's.

Without further ado, I'll show you all my loot. I'm the type of person who lays everything out so I can show Hubby every precious item I've found. Hubby endures my enthusiasm, but this week even he got a bit excited.

Hubby's Loot: A black pair of Johnston & Murphy shoes $5.00  (Retails for $150-$200), A brown pair of Cole Haan Nike Air shoes $5.00 (Retail for $148),  2 books by Dr. Tony Evans 50 cents a piece.

I was super excited to find a pair of ice skates, and for only a dollar...uhm, yes, please. :) For those of you who know me, and my very uncoordinated ways, no worries, these ice skates are for decorating purposes only.
My find of the day was this Britax car seat for $40. Keep in mind Britax car seats retail for $250-$300. I've been on the look out for a new car seat for Zach since baby Houdini has figured out how to escape the top part of his old car seat. :)
I also found a small kids table for the boys and any "little" company we may have. I paid $6 for this table.

I also stocked up on clothes for the boys. I've been cleaning out closets and going through baby totes trying to figure out what needs to be retired and what has life left to go another round with baby #3. I was excited to find three blankets and a few other fun baby items for the little guy.

Here's Zachy's little lot of clothes for the day. I found almost all of the clothes, blankets,etc for all the boys at the same yard sale. The lady had boy items from newborn to 4T, and so it was right up my ally. She was very persnickety and her items were in excellent condition, unlike so many yard sales that the items are stained. The best part was she dressed her little guy cute and most of the clothes came from either Janie and Jack, Gymboree, Gap or Old Navy.
Here's Tyler's stack of clothes. See I told you I had to lay everything out to show my goodies not only to my husband, but I had my parents come over to see everything. :) For the pricing of all the clothes, shoes, blankets, etc I spent approximately $35. Which is amazing considering the one Vineyard Vines shirt alone would have been priced at $35 new.
So, if you see my little offsprings walking around with name brand clothes on, you can be assured that I paid no more than a dollar for them( the clothes, not the offsprings) at a yard sale. haha.


  1. I make David look at everything too! He's never quite as excited as I am showing him. :)

  2. Johnston and Murphy for $5.00?! You stole those! No way! Please enjoy your yard sales....we don't have anything like that up here (or at least the three that I've gone to!).

  3. Haha, Marianne. The best part was I asked the husband the price on the shoes since the wife was busy, and when he said $5.00 the wife was not too happy. :) I definitely love my yard sales...wish you had some good ones to go to up there!

    April, David and Jonathan are too much alike:)

  4. So happy for your finds, Tonya!! I love going to garage sales, but during the winter, they are pretty rare. :)