October 4, 2011

Falling Into October....

We have been busy, busy, busy around our house. We like busy though, and truthfully, wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if things slowed down. Although, I do have a couple of thumbs I could twiddle, and sometimes I do long for a slower pace of life so I could check out my twiddling skills.  One of our most recent endeavors is planning a 50's banquet/ fundraiser for our youth group. I'm loving it! I've already located a poodle skirt for myself on ebay, and I can't wait to grease the boys hair back (well, all of Zachy's 10 hairs, not to mention his ginormous cowlick). We have a great staff, and I love seeing the details come together!! Who knows, I might so enjoy my poodle skirt and my sort-of saddle shoes that I will never go back to "normal" clothing. Felt is itchy though, isn't it? Scratch that idea. hehe.

Zachy has known pat-a-cake for awhile now, but he has just now learned the "roll it, roll it" motions".
Tyler had a case of sympathy for my parents dog yesterday. He was worried about Cocoa and why she was so sad. My Mom told him that she liked to be petted, and so he began petting her. He stopped and commented on how bad Cocoa's breath smelled.(Cocoa truly has horrific smelling breath, my Hubby calls her the Breath of Death)  Mom explained that Cocoa was getting old, and that's why she had bad breath. Tyler said, " I have bad breath now, and I'll have it when I get old, too". Oh, the wisdom of youth!
Here is a picture of the little guy after waking up from his nap today. It always takes him a bit to wake up, and so he lays down like this after waking up in the mornings and afternoons. I love the fact that he had already picked up one of trains and had "spencer the train" laying beside him. Thanks to Tyler I now know the names of most of his trains.
Here are some fun attempts at fall photos with the boys after church Sunday morning.

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