October 27, 2011

The Punkin Patch

We took the boys to the pumpkin patch tonight! Tyler was so incredibly excited. Mommy kinda sorta made the mistake of mentioning our visit to the pumpkin patch before Tyler's afternoon nap. Oops. You think I would know better by now!

It was fun to compare pictures at the pumpkin patch from this year and last year.

Tyler 2010
Tyler 2011

Tyler & Zach 2010

Tyler & Zach 2011

This week has been a tough one for our family. My precious Mother-In-Law has been in the ICU and had to have emergency surgery, etc.  I have been so heavy hearted just thinking of all the suffering she has endured not only from this hospital stay, but in the last 10-15 years of her life. She is an incredible woman that I only wish I could emulate. I feel so blessed that I have the privelege to be her Daughter-In-Law.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your pictures - so cute.

    So sorry about your mother in law....I had been reading about her on Facebook but didn't make the connection as people were only using her first name.

    We came by your house this afternoon to drop off the item Jay had ordered from Michael for Tom-Watt. Kaitlyn took it up to the door (Michael was at band) and when Jay opened the door Devin, who was sitting behind me, got very excited, he seemed quite surprised that he was somewhere other than the platform at church. It was quite funny. "-)

    Mary Ellen