October 8, 2011

A Snippet From Our Saturday.

Tyler has been memorizing a new verse. Ephesians 6:1. May he take it to heart.
 Zach has Roseola (or however you spell it) and approximately 36 hours ago broke out in a rash all over his body. Benadryl and Motrin are his best buddies right now, and I think I just heard him sing out, "I Will Survive". Here is a picture of him, and yes, he is attempting to eat his lotion. My kids have both loved eating lotion.  Every time I lube Zach up after his bath he tries to find little specks of it to consume.  Silly boy.  Who knows, maybe he is greasing his insides for better digestion. ha.

 So, my picture is horrible, but you can see it a little bit. It is the worst on his back, and then his tummy, face, arms and legs. Poor little guy. Honestly, I am a Nervous Nellie when my boys are sick. My nursing skills float to the back of my brain, and I worry, worry, worry. For example, I called the on call Pediatrician today explained Zach's symptoms, told her what I thought his diagnosis was and why I thought he had Roseola. She agreed with me and told me to give him Benadryl. So you see, even if I can figure out what ails my children....I still have to double check. It gives me peace of mind. :)

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  1. Poor guy - Allan had that when he was small. Thankfully - it doesn't last long :o) I very much like catching up on your blog. Love you guys!