October 18, 2011

Treasures A LA Yard Sale!

This weekend I once again went out  yard saling with my trusty companions and later in the morning an unsweetened (with 8 packets of splenda, please) McDonald's tea. Isn't life grand? :) It was quite the morning and we spent 3 hours, I repeat 3 hours, in one community for their community wide yard sale. Wohoo! We found some lovely little treasures, and loaded the vehicle down! I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds with you!
First up is two 1969 "growing hair" ideal toys Crissy dolls. I paid $15.00 for both, the lady was originally asking $30.00 so I was happy with that price. I already have them listed on ebay...I'm just not sure how they will do...we shall see. I also bought a talking Buzz lightyear doll, playskool ball popper toy (although I didn't list the actual toy just four out of the five  balls that came with it for replacement balls they sell fairly well on ebay ) and I bought a few other toys to sell.
I also bought some shirts and jeans for my little guys. The Ralph Lauren shirt and Old Navy jeans were each 25 cents.  Although they are both size 6, which is a couple sizes to big for Tyler, for that price I will set them back! I found a couple Vineyard Vines polos and a Ralph Lauren pair of jeans that will fit Tyler this winter/next spring. I also found a Penn State onesie for Zach for 1.00. Did you hear that Pappy Slagenweit~ Penn State? I also found a couple pair of pajamas that aren't pictured for Tyler for this winter/next spring.
I also found a beautiful black and white smocked new with tags dress that I'm storing away for my someday bin. I splurged and paid $10.00 for the dress. I attempted to get it for a lower price, but it didn't happen. I don't blame the lady since the price tag on it was for $148.00 dollars. Yikes. 
My favorite find of the day, I do believe, was this rocking horse that I scored for $2.00. It has found a home in the nursery, and I can't wait until Christmas since I'm already envisioning Christmas pictures with my new friend. At the same yard sale I picked up a Dr. Seuss Yertle The Turtle book for 25 cents. I had been wanting to buy this book for Tyler's room, but didn't want to pay full price for it! I firmly believe that God cares about even the tiniest desires of our heart!
I also got a folding round table that needs a little TLC on one of its legs, but hey, for only $1.00 I'm sure Hubby can figure it out! I also picked up this old army trunk for $2.50 at an Estate sale. I have plans to paint it, or should I say I have plans for hubby to paint it, and I want to use it as a night stand in Ty's room. The funny story behind this trunk was I saw the price tag of $5.00, and told them I would buy it, and then they said everything was 1/2 price in the garage, which made the deal even sweeter. Anywho, my best buddy and I were walking around the house looking at items that were incredibly expensive, and she told me she thought the trunk was $500 and not $5.00. I about fainted dead away since I had already told the nice fellow that I would buy it.... I decided I would quickly unbuy it for that price. I went back and talked to said nice fellow, and thankfully, it really was only $2.50. Shew.
I picked up this decorative bird feeder for $1.00. It hasn't found a home yet, but I'm sure it will soon.

Just for fun, I thought I would throw in a picture of Zachy sporting his jacket Mama, my Mom, found at the Goodwill for $1.79. The 50's Banquet/ Fundraiser for our youth group is coming up in a few more weeks, and I wanted a jacket similar to this for the boys to wear. Now I just need to find one for Tyler and I'm all set. :)
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  1. Those are some good finds. I love that little leather bomber jacket! So cute!

  2. Great finds! The chest is awesome. Would love to see the finished product once it's painted.

    Thanks for linking up!

    @ Coupon Tipster

  3. Great finds.