October 1, 2011

A Story For Saturday.

Once upon a time, there was a small boy named Tyler. This small child decided he liked red candy~a lot! He would sneak into his Mum and Dad's room to find this most precious candy. He liked to chew it so very fast that I'm sure each of his molars are in need of repair, but what's a small tooth issue when compared with the love of candy.

His candy just so happens to be Hall's cough drops~let me clarify, cherry Halls cough drops. Tyler's Mum has been explaining to him that he cannot eat cough drops. They are solely used for adults who are ailing. Amazingly enough, Tyler has now developed the whooping cough. It seems to only arrive when he has his sights set on his cherry candy. Curious, isn't it? The Halls are finding a new home today. I'm just not sure where they will be placed.... adoption or foster care is always an option. Any takers?? haha.

Tyler loves medicine. Zach is on Amoxicillin right now for an ear infection, and I do believe Tyler might be a bit jealous that the meds aren't being shared. ha. Is my child strange, or are there other children out there that love their medicine?? He even loves it when he gets a scrape and can have the swiper (neosporin) and a bandaid. Silly boy.


  1. No your child is not strange! :) My kiddos LOVE medicine too and try to convince me they are sick so that they can have it! Your boys are absolute dolls by the way! Oh wait, make that handsome little men! Love reading about your adventurous life with them. Kristen Holden

  2. My niece (Rick's side) drank almost a whole bottle of her siblings antibiotic and had to get her stomach pumped - your child isn't strange at all, now days it tasted like candy! "-)