October 17, 2011

Ring Around the Rosies~ Tyler Style

I love to watch these two interact. I especially love when one of them gets tickled and the other joins in heartily!

Tyler was supposed to be napping, and he came out to the dining room where I am trying my very best to get a needle threaded. ( I do believe that they are making thread thicker--it has nothing to do with my poor vision.) Tyler asks me what I'm doing and I explain the whole process to him. He looks at me, gives me a thumbs up and says, "Good boy, Mom". ha. Another favorite saying of his recently has been, "Just be a good sport, Mom". I have no idea where he has heard that phrase.

Back to trying to get my needle threaded....wish me luck!


  1. Love that 'Good Boy, Mom' - too funny! Whachta working on with needle and thread?

  2. I love how the boy version is to quickly get to the falling down part!

    Mary Ellen