September 29, 2011

The Day My Elevator Got Stuck.

I love cabbage. I know I'm an odd sort, but cook it with kielbasa and its like a steak with buttered potatoes to me. Yesterday, I looked forward to my precious cabbage all day. I figured I deserved it after spending my afternoon in the Doctor's office for Zach's one year check up. When I say afternoon, I mean THE afternoon...left at 1:50pm didn't arrive home until close to 5:00pm. The good news is he is right on track, and of course, he remembered the Doctor and started tearing up as soon as he saw him. Tearing up not in joy, but sheer terror, as you can well imagine. He got his shots, and they tested his lead and hemoglobin level. He survived everything and we got so tickled at how he kept holding up his pricked bandaged finger to anyone who would look at him. A little sympathy for the wounded.

Back to my beloved cabbage. This is how I looked while cooking my cabbage. Keep that thought in mind!

 I was deep in thought as I was chopping and fixing the cabbage~ that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! The longer the cabbage cooked though I was amazed at how it was shriveling. It looked pitiful. I chalked it up to a bad head of cabbage. I finished cooking it and was distributing it on the plates, and it was terribly stringy and crying out for life to be breathed back into its pores. I was discussing the sad state of my cooked cabbage with my husband when he looked at me  and said, "Honey, you put a head of lettuce in there--that wasn't cabbage". Charming.  Has anyone ever tried cooked lettuce--word of advice DON'T. I decided I would be brave and eat some, and even with salting and peppering it to death it still was a grotesque slimy little mess. Ick. I did chuckle at myself later! Lesson learned, no thinking while cooking!

Tyler has learned a valuable lesson today. Everything happened last summer to him--it could be yesterday, last year, a few months ago, and its still last summer. He told my Mom today that last summer ( translation: a few months ago) he puked. He didn't eat it though. (shew. that's a relief) Mom went on to explain that he should never eat his puke to which he replied,"oh, Mama, it was just milk and water".  See I told you, he learned a valuable lesson-- no puke eating. Although, he came close to it with my slimy lettuce. No worries. I didn't make him eat it or even taste it for that matter.

Tomorrow is the last day of September....where has this year gone?? I remember my 7th grade teacher saying that the older you get the faster time seems to fly by. I'm sure I smirked when he shared this little fact. I guess he is the one smirking now. ha. How right he was!


  1. You are hilarious!!!!

    Mary Ellen

  2. That is SO funny, Tonya. Take heart, I have done the same kind of thing before, too. You are not alone. :) I LOVE cabbage, too! Come on over sometime and we'll have some together.

    Much love!!!