September 6, 2011

Mom, Just Call Me A MAN!!

Tyler decided today was the day he would become a Man. Not just any Man, but  a Worker Man. My Mom bought Tyler a pair of boots, you know, like Daddy, Papa and Pappy wear, which means he is now the real deal. I had to chuckle when he told me that he just wanted me to call him a Man. Too bad this little Man still has to take naps, go to bed early, and eat his green beans. ha.

He is quite pleased with his boots, can't you tell? Boots and Jammies quite the combination.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I thought I would share my Sunday night attempts at pictures with my guys. Attempt is the key word here.

As you can see, by the last picture Zachy was done. Tyler looks like he has been learning some "hold-em" tactics from the wrestling pros. ha. Maybe next time I will have better luck....I can always dream!

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