September 27, 2011


I have been wanting an old window for a long time,  but they are pricey and I wasn't willing to shell out the money. During our sojourn in Kentucky we of course went yard saling, and happened upon a beauty of a window. As soon as I saw it, I shoved everyone out of the way and made a mad dash for it. Okay, so I didn't shove anyone or dash, but I'm sure I hyperventilated. ha. Truth is I didn't even notice it, my dear yard saling Buddy, Eagle Eye Ruth, is the one who spotted my precious window. They were asking a whopping $2.50 for it, and I snatched it up and hung on to it for dear life. I had to smile when I paid for it, and the son said ( in his Kentucky accent), "See, I told you someone would buy it". I should have asked him if they had anymore of these here winders out yonder in the backyard. Totally kidding. Kentucky yard sales, in a lot of ways are much better than Florida yard sales. They have cheaper prices on kids clothes, and the boys made out like little bandits. My best find was a super nice winter jacket, that came with a wind breaker, for $2.00 it should  fit Tyler next winter. Most of their children's clothing was 50 cents each, and one yard sale was fill a bag for $2.00. Don't mind if I do.:)

On to the window, I was so excited about this window that its already found a home on my wall. I LOVE IT!
Here's the little dandy before and then after...
My favorites are the pictures on the left hand side...I'll give you a closer view.

The top picture is Tyler when he was a year old.

The bottom picture is Zach. It was so fun to be able to take pictures of the boys in the same outfit, at the same location, and at the same age. What a treasure! Can you tell they are brothers?? :)
Another favorite is the middle picture of the boys peeking in the barn. Don't you love how I took pictures of pictures. At least you get the idea!
I'm not quite finished with my window project. I still have to put the wording, "Today's Moments are Tomorrow's Memories" around it. I am incredibly sentimental, and the wording seemed to fit since only yesterday it seemed like I was dressing Tyler in the sailor outfit...and its been two years ago. It is now just a memory. sniff.

I have to share a couple Tyler funnies with you. I overheard him telling Zach yesterday, "Zach, you have to say please before I give you this train". He kept repeating this to Zach, "Come on Zach, you have to say please or I can't give it to you".  Needless to say, Zach  never said please, but still got the train.

Tyler came to me this morning to tell me that his tummy was wobbling and talking to him. I would hate to know what it was saying! Tyler also told me that he loved Mama, my Mom, and he kept repeating it over and over, and finally stopped and said, "yeah, I pretty much love her". ha.

Tyler still has Moses confused with Jonah and every other Bible character it seems. While we were in Kentucky, I had to explain to him that he could not run around the house naked because his cousin Katie was there. ( I promise, we don't let him run around our house unclothed either.) He stopped and looked at me and said, "Naked LIKE MOSES". Now poor Moses is in the beginning with Adam and Eve. ha. We have specifically been working on Jonah and the Whale and Moses and the Bulrushes to help him get them straight. Now, we need to add Adam and Eve to our list. :)


  1. LOVE this!! We have the same taste as far as decorating! I was invited to something called an Uppercase Living party. It's the vinyl letters or words/sayings for on the wall. I can't wait to get a few things. I was browsing their website, a little pricey (of course) but there was 1 I thought would be so cute for Kaylynn's room. "From your first breath, you took ours away" And I would like to get one about family for when we eventually have a family picture set up. Hoping to get them done soon! Miss ya!
    Love, April

  2. In case April comes back to this....Uppercase Living is awesome, have a bunch posted at various places at my house (thanks to hosting a party and getting a lot either free or half off) and love it all still and it's been up for a couple of years.

    I loved the "yeah, I pretty much love her."

    Mary Ellen

  3. Ha - I have windows all over my house, too. Keith snagged some up for me when they were tearing down an old building and I had SO many windows. I even sold them at my garage sale a few weeks ago. One lady latched on to it like white on rice and her husband was just rolling his eyes. :D I knew how she felt!!

    On one of the window, I put white hooks along the bottom and the kids use it for their jackets in the winter.

    I have pictures in a few more and one, I just have a wreath hanging in the middle of another one. :D

    The ideas are endless. Gotta love windows!!!