September 1, 2011


I heard this song today, and it had me crying like a baby. Warning: Grab a kleenex, or a box or two if you are anything like me. ha. Makes me want to hug my boys a bit tighter today, and enjoy them a lot more!!


  1. Oh wow, what a tear jerker, but a much needed reminder! As I rocked my boys almost every night for the first two years of their life I used to think to myself, not too long from now they will be all grown up and rocking their own babies! Oh how I treasure those memories and sweet moments!!!

  2. yep...should of grabbed the box of tissues! lol That was so precious and a reminder to hang on to my babies as long as I can. I have already told them, Ï don't care how big you is always going to hug and kiss you better get used to it". :) Hope you are all doing OK!! HUGS!!

  3. Yes! I love this song! Your not the only Sentimental Slagenweit, I am too!! ;)
    Love ya girl!
    April Slagenweit