August 31, 2011

BABIES and ASTHMA don't belong in the same sentence.

I took my littlest guy to the Pediatrician today. He has had a random cough that comes and goes, along with an icky rattle in his chest. After the Doc checked him out, he determined that he is pretty positive Zach has asthma. The good news is that 20-50% of children outgrow asthma. At this point we are going to treat it with nebulizer treatments, and if it continues to flare up he will have to be put on a preventative treatment. I hate this for him, and was feeling a bit discouraged until I met a baby and Mother on my way out of the office. The baby was teeny tiny and I thought he had to be only a couple days old. I found out he was a month and a half old and weighed 5 lbs 3 oz. He was born 11 weeks early weighing in at three pounds. I walked out of the pediatricians office praising God for his goodness to me. Having a 13 month old with asthma is such a tiny pebble on the beach compared to all this little premature baby will face! I'm thankful that God knows just what to bring into our lives to give us a different perspective on our circumstances!

If anyone out there has a baby with asthma, or knows anything about asthma... I would appreciate your insight.

On a funny note, Tyler has been watching Winnie the Pooh recently. He has been inspired to capture Zach and I hear him saying, " I capture you in the name of the hundred acre wood". ha. Oh, bother:)


  1. I'm sorry. :( I do hope he out grows it.

  2. Ooohhhhh! I'm sorry about the asthma. I had it as a teenager and found that if you can find the triggers and stay away from them, it causes very few problems. If the triggers can't be removed from life - keep an inhaler handy :o) I keep one in my purse all the time and probably have only used it twice in the past year. Cats, goose feather pillows and excessive allergy problems are all triggers. When I was a teenager even laughing hard would cause an attack but I grew out of it until after this whole perforation deal when I started developing all kinds of reactions to all kinds of things. I hope it be totally free in a few years! :o) You're right - there's a lot worse out there! Give the guys hugs for me!

  3. Perspective is a wonderful thing that is easy to loose track of. Blessings on you and your little guy and especially to the little preemie.