August 12, 2011

One Little Monkey Jumping In His Crib--Had a Birthday, And NOW He Thinks He's BIG

I hijacked my Mom's camera and "stole" some pictures from Zach's Birthday party. Have I mentioned that I need to upgrade my camera??  The quality of my pictures is horrific, of course, that might have something to do with the photographer. ha.
We have been looking into getting a new camera, but there are so many options out there! Anyone have any suggestions? We are looking at a Canon Camera/Camcorder combination. The most important thing for me is that it is easy peasy with no lenses to change, and very durable.
 Cindy had to perform a bit of "plastic surgery" on the monkey topper since it decided to nose dive on to its fellow cupcake.

The Cupcake Eating Pictures...

 My favorite pictures are of Tyler caught in the act of drinking from the bathroom faucet. Hey, I'm just grateful that it wasn't from the toilet....

Okay, I promise that was the last pictures I will post of my little Monkey's 1st Birthday.

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