August 15, 2011

Yard Sale Spoils & GW Goodies!

Saturday found me out and about bright and early with my beady eyes straining to find an orange or yellow sign with the precious words "Yard Sale". I must say isn't it devastating when you spot one of those beloved signs and your heart rate speeds up....and then you pull into the development to see that the sign reads "house for sale". :)
Anyway, Saturday was a great day and I thought I would share a couple of my favorite finds with you. First off, a lot of GI Joe Dolls Action Figures and vehicles. I believe there are 15 GI Joe figures in all, and seven vehicles. The neat thing is most of these are from 1996-1998.
My favorite find of the day was a Playmobil Airport set that was in excellent condition and included the airplane. I paid $12 for all of it and they even threw in a Playmobil race car and driver that is not pictured.
I love all the little details! Note it isn't all put together yet as you can tell by the extra pieces in the front. I have to call in the reserves, AKA Hubby, for that one.

Now moving on to a couple "vintage" GoodWill finds this past week. First up is the surprise box for my littlest guy. Although, truth be told I think I've played with it more than he has. Ha.

Last is this Fashion Corner Fashion doll that I bought for $2. Does anyone  know anything about this doll or similar dolls?? I have looked them up online, and haven't found much out. It could be that I am just looking in the wrong places:)

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  1. Love the play mobile airport! So would have bought that for my little peeps!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Like the play mobile set! I don't find much of that stuff around here. I think my son would like it when he gets a little bit older.


  3. You need to come up for the Watsontown Community Yard Sales in Sept! They do a map and tells a little of what each one is selling! Just what's listed on the map there are usually over 176! That's just ON the map!! :)
    ~April Slagenweit

  4. I bought some of those GI Joe dolls this weekend too. Do you know if they sell for a good amount? I have never boughten them before. Thanks for sharing!

  5. April, I so wish I could do the Community Yard Sale with you!!!

    Sarah, I have never sold them before either??? I did list them last night though...I listed the 12" Hasbro GI Joe (I had to do quite a bit of homework~ I know nothing about GI Joe:) with both an auction price and a BIN price. I have already sold one of the figures at a BIN at 14.99. Not bad:) I hope you do really well with them. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  6. April, do you know if there is an online map??