August 16, 2011


This tornado happens to be none other than my three year old! Before noon today he had: 1. Washed my sliding glass doors with a wet wipe, 2. Poured out his little treat of Jelly beans (sixlets) on the floor, 3. Broken the windshield off of one of my ebay resell toys, 4. Poured out four new containers of his Father's Pontacts ( Contacts). Thankfully I searched the floor and was able to find two of the missing four. 5. When drying him off after his morning bath he and his towel escaped back into the tub full of water. 6. on....etc, etc. Let's just say there is never a dull moment at our house! He is a busy mischievous fellow!

You know those children you see at the store and think MY child will never act like that.....never say that, I MEAN never, never, never. I have learned my lesson. Before I had children,  I had every answer in child rearing. I  had stated more times than I like to remember the "my child won't act like that" or the "those parents need to do this or that" comment. I have eaten those words time and time again~ almost every day:)

At Walmart not too long ago, Tyler was being a pistol and letting his wants be known. I was in the middle of an aisle with Zach and Jonathan had Tyler down at the other end of the aisle. This precious lady standing near me looks over at Zach and says, "Honey, don't worry you will never act like that". I looked at her and grinned and said, "I wouldn't be so sure of that, considering he happens to be his brother". Boy, did she sputter and try to re-word what she had stated. :) Lucky for her, she was older and has grown children....who knows, maybe she will have to eat those words when she has grandkids. haha.

I love my little Torando to pieces....the good and the bad behavior. He can make me laugh like crazy. For instance, in Church Sunday I took him to the restroom. Here is the conversation that entailed.
Tyler: What are you doing, Mommy?
Mommy: Just waiting for you to use the restroom.
Tyler: Poor, Mommy. That is precious!

You never know what he will say! One of my favorites is when he doesn't want to hold my hand , and he folds his own hands together and says, "That's okay, Mommy, I will just hold my own best hand".

Needless to say, these days I feel like my house is never clean. I just get one thing cleaned up and then another mess magically appears. Yesterday, he decided to get out our know, the ones with ALL the cards. Last week, he decided to make pizza with Zach's rice cereal and dumped the whole box into a flour sifter. That was a huge mess! He walks around the house a lot of days smelling like either perfume, cologne or lotion depening on which cabinet he got in that day. He is so quick!! I can run out to the garage to change a load of laundry, and come back to a disaster.

I have learned to laugh through most of his escapades. The Lord has been teaching me a lot about patience, and not sweating the small things in life. My house with all its messes will remain, but Tyler will grow up and I know I will miss rice cereal pizza and his "Cool Waters" perfumed scent. As crazy as it sounds, I want to try my best to enjoy every moment of these days with my little tornado.

Here is a picture of  our family when he was just a whirlwind... is my little Tornado now.

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  1. I understand completely!!! We have several of those little tornados, too. It is very weary some days. But like you said they grow up fast and then they'll be gone. :,(

    Enjoy your little men. :)