August 28, 2011

"Pleased as Punch" Sunday

Today I am pleased as punch because....

1. Tyler is teaching Zach dental hygiene. Tyler was supposed to be brushing his teeth, and I looked over and he was brushing Zach's teeth ( all four of them). The best part was Zach was happily obliging with his mouth wide open.

2. We have been working with Tyler on the concept of: " If a door is closed you must knock before opening it." I think we've finally struck gold, and he understands. He decided this evening that he and Zach were going to have a birthday party in Zach's room. Before he shut the door he looked at me and said, " Mommy, you have to knock on the door before you can come in". ha.

3. Tyler is becoming very thoughtful in some areas of his little life. Tonight, he  packed a bag of animals to take to church, and he decided he needed to pack me a bag of animals too. He also packed a  drink in the diaper bag for me.  I had to laugh though because I caught him going through "my" bag of animals and pulling out the ones he thought he would like and then putting them in his bag.

4.  I'm pleased as punch that Tyler can talk to anyone ANYWHERE. Tonight, he carried on a conversation with the little girl in the stall next to him. Lovely. This all happened after I accidentally opened the stall on said girl since she didn't have the door locked. Oops. One of his first questions to her was, " Are you going pee-pee or poopie?". Drop me through the floor quickly, please. She then told him that this was the GIRL'S restroom. Not once, but three times did she re-iterate this fact. Next, she wanted to know how old he was, when was his birthday...etc. She also instructed him not to use too much toliet paper because that's not a good thing... and on it went. Finally, she finished up. whew. Tyler, waited a little bit, and then said, " She didn't wash her hands" when he didn't hear the water running. She did eventually wash her hands, but stood out there and waited for him to finish up because she wanted to see what he looked like. ha.

5. And, not to leave Zachy out: I'm thankful he is a good eater. After church tonight he downed 1 1/2 hotdogs, and then he ate a whole ice cream cone. He was hilarious too watch. He would take bites out of the bottom and then the top. He was a mess, but boy did he enjoy his little ice cream cone. Thanks to Mama, who keeps goodies on hand for the boys. :)

Just for the fun of it, I found some old pictures of Tyler tonight and thought I would share them. I believe Tyler is approximately the same age as Zach in these pictures. Can you tell they are brothers??

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