August 11, 2011

The Day The Smallest Slagenweit Turned ONE

This post is a smidge belated--but hey, better late than never, right? Zachy turned one on July 26th and I wanted to share some b-day party pictures with you. Here is the little guy all dressed and ready for the big event.
One of my Mom's Best Friends, Miss Cindy, decorated the cupcakes. She did an incredible job! Check out the little monkey that she "built" with her very own phalanges.

Some of the guests.....


This picture of  Zach cracks me up. I love his big grin, and mostly I love those two little teeth.
I missed getting pictures of the great cupcake event...thankfully my Mom captured the moment with her camera. Moving on to the presents....excuse the diaper clad child, I stripped him down for the cupcake. Mind you, he mainly only dabbled his little fingers in it,  and wasn't that interested. I was really surprised by this, I figured he would have icing from head to toe. :) 

 My parents bought this little rocket for Zachy. It is absolutely adorable and Zach loves it.  A certain older brother has grown quite fond of Zach's rocket too. It is not uncommon to hear one, two, three wast (blast) off in our house over and over throughout the day.  What Tyler loves most about the rocket, besides all the noises, is that the seat of the rocket lifts up, and it is a wonderful hiding spot for all kinds of goodies. (You never know what Tyler will have hidden away.) For instance, I went on a search the other night for Zachy's blanket... I mean a SEARCH. Every cubby, dust ball, or misplaced cheerio that existed in our house...we are no longer enemies but best friends. AUGH!  I finally enlisted the help of Tyler, making it sound like such a fun game to find Zachy's blanket.  He was more than happy to join in on my little "hide and seek" game. He walked over to that evil special rocket lifted up the seat and handed me Zach's blanket. He won. Did I mention how much I despise that game called hide and seek? Who invented it anyway? Shame on them!  ha!

Ebbita, Ebbita, Ebbita that's all folks:)

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